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The 7 High-Ranked Channels to Watch on your Cable TV

Who doesn’t like watching channels on Cable TV connection? From kids shows to drama serial, people belonging to every age seem to be head over heels when it comes to diverse TV Networks. Learn about the fantastic cable TV channels that are not only high in TRP but also watched by a vast majority of people all over the USA.

1.        Bravo

This channel has given us some of the best TV shows like Top Chefs and Inside the Actor’s studio, etc. However, the best and the widely watched show in this channel is always going to be our one and only “The real housewives of Orange County.”

2.        TLC

TLC is not only popular in the US, but it is also being watched in several other countries too. The channel is formally known as “The Learning Channel.” The most-watched programs originated from this channel are “My 600-lb Life” and “Alaskan Women looking for love.”

3.        CNN

CNN is like a basic channel that is watched in almost every household of USA. Besides providing the latest news, CNN has some great quality and highly interesting TV shows regarding traveling and Food.  You can also watch some great Documentaries created on very interesting topics.

4.        HGTV

When it comes to Top Ranking TV channels, how can we forget HGTV? Popular shows from this channel include House Hunters, Property Brothers and Christmas themed shows etc.

5.        FOX News

Just like CNN, Fox News is also one of the most watched Cable channels in the USA. The famous TV show from this channel is FOX and Friends; this show has everything that a news TV channel should provide to its viewers. From Crazy characters to great SNL skits, this has it all for the watchers. Another High ranking show from Fox News is “The Kelly File”.

6.        TBS

TBS is the cable channel that has given life to shows like Cougar Town and Big Bang Theory. The shows are such great regarding quality. Many of the TV shows on-aired at TBS are awarded or nominated. Other high ranking shows include The American Dad, and The Drop Mic, etc.

7.        ESPN

The word ESPN stands for “Entertainment and Sports Programming Network.” From LeBron’s Decision to “Sports center” you can watch the best sports-related programs at ESPN. This is not just a sports channel, it is a whole legacy.

Best cable TV service Providers:

We have talked about the best TV channels that are high in ranking but what about the best cable TV providers? We have jotted down the top 3 cable TV Providers in the market that provide the best services along with affordable bundled packages.

1.    Charter Cable

In 2016, Charter (the second largest cable operator) bought and merged two of the most renowned and largest charter cable companies into one that is formally known as Spectrum. Spectrum is providing its top-notch TV services to over 6 million users in 41 different US states. Unlike other companies, Charter Spectrum has made its deals super convenient, and highly affordable that provides all the Spectrum services.

2.    Comcast Cable Service

There is a wide range of services that this cable provider offers to its users. It is also known as Xfinity. Beside TV this company also provides services like Home protection, Internet, and smart home. You can purchase the bundled deals.

3.    Cox Cable

It is one of the largest cable TV providers in the US. Popular service of this cable operator includes high-speed Internet, premium TV channels and 1000 of ON Demand content to watch.

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Angelica Franklin has a bachelor in Information systems with over 2 years of writing on technology trends. When the writer is not busy writing she is trying new recipes.



  1. John Bairstow

    June 25, 2018 at 5:20 pm

    As I am a student of political science, i like to watch CNN most of the time. However, sometime, I do watch HBO and other channels.

  2. Emma James

    July 23, 2018 at 4:55 pm

    John it seems that you have a balanced viewing taste. But my favorite channels are ESPN and TLC.

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