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The 5 Latest Trends In Web Development For 2019

Web Development is changing and upgrading, and 2019 will be no different. Here are the 5 latest trends in web development that will take 2019 by storm.

Websites are the business cards of the digital space. A highly responsive website drastically increases the chances of your business conversions. With a stunningly designed and trending feature-rich enterprise web development, your target audience will be convinced to be your potential customers.

The trouble with frequently updating your website with the latest trends in web development is that it’s quite tricky for web development companies to keep up with these trends. So the best solution is to look beyond what is hot today and look into tomorrow’s trending web technologies.

After long and exhaustive research, we found out the best web development trends not just for 2019 or 2020, but for a significant time in the future. Keep reading to stay updated and profit from the latest enterprise web development trends.

5 Latest Trends in Web Development For 2019

VR & AR in Web Development

The combined market size of AR and VR is predicted to be worth $215 billion in the next two years. While AR technologies “augment” the glimpse of a virtual world in the real world; VR offers an immersive experience of the digital atmosphere to the users with the help of VR headsets.

All of this with a single intention, to enhance the user experience and make them more immersed in the digital space. Many companies like Google, Microsoft, and Samsung are investing heavily on these technologies because they know this is the future of the world.

Now both these technologies are not limited to mobile apps; they are being developed to integrate to every possible faction of the internet including the enterprise web application. AR/VR in web development will be a very promising upgrade for countless industries.

Fun Fact

There is already a VR compatible browser for users. Janus VR has developed a new way to browse the internet. This VR browser features a virtual “lobby” through which you pass and enter URLs through a doorway.

Smart Chatbots in Web Development

After Sundar Pichai (CEO of Google) showcased their supremely talented Google Assistant in Google Keynote 2018, we were all excited for a future with AI assistance at every step of the way. This same excitement trickles into the enterprise web app development stream.

AI has become so sophisticated that site visitors can converse with an AI Chatbot just as they would be talking to a consumer service executive. Chatbots are the perfect entities to handle tier-1 of customer interaction where most of the questions are too basic and repetitive.

With improved Natural Language Processing and advanced AI capabilities, Smart Chatbots will provide more time to human assistants to concentrate on more complex queries that need direct human input. Chatbots offer intelligent responses that are backed by precise examples and sources of data.

Besides assisting your site visitors and customers, chatbots help in scaling operations and personalizing customer profiles. Having Smart Chatbots for your website is going to be very popular all over the world in 2019.

Single Page Sites in Web Development

People like to know things quickly and precisely, so a slow website that takes ages to load would be left even before the site loads. So, the majority of website development trends for 2019 will be to improve speed and convenience.

A single page site removes the need for reloading the web page by loading all the content together, through JavaScript. These sites do not need additional loading time and render the web pages straight in the user’s browser.

Some of the most popular advocates of single-page web applications are Facebook, Gmail, and Github. The benefit of SPAs is that they work flawlessly across all devices with a reduced web development time.

The SPAs are developed on React and Angular frameworks. So using SPAs, you can quickly deploy high-performing, cost-effective hybrid apps.

Motion UI in Web Development

The modern web users want everything simple yet intuitive. Motion UI can impact the web design even with the smallest interface change. This design feature adds an extra dimension to the feel of the website and reassures the human side of your business.

Motion UI can be added to the background animations, hover sections, and beautiful headers. With several elements to work with like shapes, text, photographs, GIF animation, illustrations, videos and many more; the Motion UI is a vast topic to explore in 2019.

Motion UI libraries are growing rapidly in 2019, the reason being the ability to animate content without having strong knowledge in JavaScript or jQuery library. Motion UI’s development relies on SASS preprocessor.

So with Motion UI in 2019, stand your website out from the crowd.

Content in Web Development

The most critical feature of a website is the content that your site visitors and potential customers will be interacting with. If 2018 was the time for minimalist design, then 2019 is the trend of minimalist content.

All the top sites are using more and more white space for their readers to breathe and feel free while reading through the site. Hiring just a copywriter is not enough for your web development or redesign project.

You need to hire a UX writer for this task. These writers have an understanding of how the readers will react to the content, and what will attract your customers and make them click the buy now button.

Final Word

Enterprise web development is getting more intriguing and colossal with time, and the trends in web development for 2019 will be significant contributors to this. The web is re-inventing itself, and you need to do the same with your business and its digital face.

For that, you need to do more than just read these about trends. You need to find an expert web development partner and give your enterprise website a whole makeover from design to development.

Written By

Mahil Jasani is the COO of Excellent Webworld and a Web & Mobile App development company. He is updated with all the latest trend in the Magento Ecommerce Development field. He writes blogs which are helpful for businesses to implement technology in the operations. You will find him swimming whenever he is free.



  1. alex baker

    May 2, 2019 at 1:54 pm

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful article.!

  2. Kevin Emma

    June 11, 2019 at 12:30 pm

    Worthy content covering the trends accurately. VR & AR has gained a rapid spike in the web development world. Progressive Web Apps (or PWAs) are also getting a lot of sounds. These modern web applications with a high level of functionality like getting load instantly with focus on core webpage content first.

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