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Teen Guide on How to Stay Healthier and Happier through Summer

Summers, though very hot and holidays-ful, need careful handling, especially by super-busy teens. Here are some time and teens-certified good tips on how to stay healthier and happier all through the hot summer, to keep life as cool as possible.

Be especially careful about Hygiene

Summer holidays and the summer fun mood can get us to do certain things on an impulse, which can bring about regrettable results; therefore, hygiene is one thing youngsters need to be especially careful about.

Pool Hygiene

Pool Hygiene is something that is of vital importance. Even if you are very certain that the pool you are diving into is at its hygienic best, it is always important to keep this factor in mind that the hygiene level of any pool or water body you wish to plunge into be checked, because you would not like to get a skin rash, infection or some such problem, right?

It is a good idea to share a pool with people you know are not likely to pass any ailment on to you through the water.

It is also a wise idea to keep preventions ready with self – just in case. For example, I always keep some tablets (doctor recommended) with me that prevent and reduce allergies, and some ointment to soothe skin problems. These can be a great relief when you cannot rush to a doctor immediately, and yet need some help.

Food Hygiene

Be careful about the food you eat. Summer just might inspire us to try certain foods and beverages and even share the same with friends. We need to make sure that germs do not get passed on, in the process. This is one season during which we need to be especially careful, as this is the time we venture outdoors, often, to sea-sides, pool-sides, and various other open spaces that might be unknown to us otherwise, and we would really have no way to tell if any germ is lurking in the air.

Keeping ourselves adequately equipped with hand sanitizers and the likes can be helpful. Keeping an eye on what we eat and how we eat it is also a wise idea.

General Hygiene

Summer may be a season when we might be under the impression that we stay cleaner than usual, as many of us bathe more often, and change clothes more often. However, we still need to take care of certain things. We need to keep our hair and skin scrupulously clean and take great care of our dental health. In summer, youngsters tend to keep sipping on juices and cool drinks that can often contain sugar, that acts upon the teeth. Taking special care of dental health, therefore, is a basic requirement.

Many teens are in the habit of using certain products on their skins and hair, especially during summer, so that they can stay sun-safe when outdoors. These products need to be of a reliable, and particular skin-compatible quality (consulting a doctor or dermatologist before using them would be ideal) and need, also, to get off the skin, hair, and scalp very safely and securely. Teens need to take special care in this regard.

Special ways to take care of your Fitness

Summer can be a great time, actually, to take special care of your health. If you have long summer holidays, all the better. You get all the time for health and fitness.

Try Yoga and Meditation

It feels great to sit in the cool breeze and meditate or do yoga early in the morning. It is good for health any time of the year and life, and it can be great to keep your body fit and ailments-free. You just need to do it under the guidance of certified experts, to reap all its benefits. If you are about to start Yoga or Meditation for the first time, summer holidays can be perfect. You can have all the time to consult your trainers and check how well you can pick things up. By the time the holidays get over, you should be well into it.


Summertime means swimming time, and swimming is a superb all-round exercise. Since most youngsters are swimming a great deal all summer, they can be getting this form of exercise most frequently and getting all its benefits. It is necessary to keep in mind how much swimming can be advisable for you, particularly, as too much of anything can be bad. Find out, also, the best times for swimming, and the best ways of swimming, too.

Exercise regularly

Whichever form of exercise you choose to follow, be it going for brisk walks in the mornings or evenings, Yoga, Meditation, Dance, or Sports, do so regularly. Summer can keep you very busy, but you need to keep in mind that exercising is just as important, too. Often, you might feel too tired after a long day out by the sea, or riding your bicycle.

Make sure you do not over-exercise.

Eat smart

Summer can have youngsters take in a lot of sugar – in juices, cold coffees, glucose, even ice creams; make sure you do not overdo this, and also make sure you take care of your teeth.

Summer can also tempt us to have a lot of things that might not be exactly dietician or doctor recommended, but extremely delicious; just take care you have food under hygienic conditions, and try to have things that add to your health, instead of simply adding calories on to you.

Spend Time Productively

Summer can bring you ample time to utilize for your benefit. Of course, you can chill with friends. You can also enjoy some precious ‘Me Time’ with yourself, to reap rich results. Then there are the Summer Camps that you can take part in, to have a very exciting time, that can enhance your knowledge, skills as well as confidence. In fact, you can emerge a complete new You after this period!

Summer can be just that time to bring out the best in you, so that your life ahead can be full of sunshine, all the way.

All the best.

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