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Technology to Add to Your Rented Office

One of the most commonly attributed factors to the rise of modern start-ups, and not only their successes but also their rapidly escalating numbers, is that unlike businesses that established themselves years ago modern start-ups have access to a world of technological advances that reduce their reliance on large numbers of employees and make the formerly impossible possible.

office technology

This isn’t to say that your small business will prove a highly successful venture just because you possess the right technology, though when used correctly and to its utmost potential you’€™ll find that your business has the potential to succeed by a) reducing your reliance upon full-time employees, b) producing work of a high quality, and c) operating as a professional modern business entity.

Here are a few examples of technology that you’€™ll find advantageous to add to your rented office,€“ if they haven’€™t already been provided.

Computers running the latest operating systems

It’€™s no longer enough to have computers in the office, you need to have computers running the latest operating systems and the computers themselves need to be modern -€“ don’€™t allow them to become outdated. One of the most important benefits to keeping computers and their operating systems up to date is being able to utilise the latest programmes and software, something you won’€™t be able to do if you allow your computers and operating systems to become outdated.

Cloud computing

The most successful companies are generally those that are able to leverage the latest technological resources and these include cloud computing. Cloud computing offers a number of benefits for small businesses, including greater flexibility, reliability, security and improved accessibility. Small business owners also find that cloud computing enables them to monitor their projects more closely in addition to streamlining their processes, which enables them to operate more cost effectively because they require fewer people to get the job done.

Smartphones for all your employees

This may not be a necessity, though if your employers are in the field often you’€™ll find that smartphones enable efficient, cost effective communication and that they enable communication on different platforms. Many business owners have found that their employees are happy to be met halfway, for example providing a certain budget for their employees to invest in a basic smartphone, with those who desire the latest model contributing the remainder themselves.

High-end projector

Depending on your office rental situation and whether or not you’€™re able to access conference space with projectors, as small businesses are by operating from commercial office space in business centres, you might find that you need to invest in a projector for presentations. If you frequently hold conferences and use a projector to pitch your ideas to clients, investors and other interested parties, you’€™ll find that high end projectors enable you to more easily integrate your laptop or PC for PowerPoint and similar presentations, plus the picture is so clean and crisp that it’€™s difficult for those present not to be impressed.

Scanners and printers

Although serviced office space generally comes complete with scanners and printers, if you aren’€™t able to access scanners and printers as part of your rental contract you will need to invest in a combination scanner/printer. The amount of time and money that can be saved by having a state-of-the-art scanner/printer in your office, and therefore readily available, is certainly worth the costs involved and will help to reduce reliance upon copy centres.

As mentioned earlier, investing in the right tech products won’€™t guarantee success, though they will help your small business to operate to high standards and that’s essential for success in any sector.

Sofia Lake is a freelance writer for Regus, a company committed to helping organisations grow. Besides offering commercial office space, they also have business continuity packages for dealing with disruptions.

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Sofia Lake is writer for SiteZulu Ltd., an amazing web tool that lets you build a website in minutes and for free. For more details on this excellent tool, check



  1. Jon Steinfield

    June 28, 2016 at 11:53 am

    In today’s business world, latest technological advances has become one of the great factor to become as competitive as possible compared to your competitors in the industry. Most of the office space for rent around the world are designed and equipped with these technological advances, that really boost businesses’ growth.

  2. Britanny

    July 27, 2016 at 10:39 am

    In today’s business world, most recent mechanical advances has gotten to be one of the colossal variable to wind up as focused as could reasonably be expected contrasted with your rivals in the business. The vast majority of the workplace space for rent far and wide are planned and outfitted with these innovative advances, that truly help organizations’ development.

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