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Technology is Coming to the Most Boring Part of Your Bedroom: The Mattress

In a world where people’s necessities are ever-evolving due to the influence of technology, an innate human need remains constant – sleep. As human beings, a “good night’s sleep”is still characterized by eight restful hours, appropriate room temperature, and a comfortable bed.Today’s technologies have revolutionized the designed and make-up of a comfortable bed or more specifically – the ideal mattress.

Sleep is One of the Most Dire Areas in Need of Attention

A recent study by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has found that Americans do not get enough sleep. Out of 400,000 Americans, it was concluded that only 65% get 7 or more hours of sleep. With sleep problems becoming a public health issue in the United States, the demand to provide a good night’s sleep has boomed.

And innovators have taken note. For instance, Casper, an e-commerce startup, launched their high-density memory foams and spring-latex mattresses with on-demand home delivery with huge cost savings. Another company, Helix Sleep, allows users to customize their ideal mattress so that it is tailor fitted to their sleeping preferences. And all of the above Consumer Essentials, a product comparison site helps you to find best mattresses available. Customization, home delivery and cost-savings are improving the mattresses that make it into our bedrooms, which is the first of many steps towards solving the sleep crisis.

New Year, New and Improved Sleep: Finding an Affordable, High-Tech Mattress Replacement

The importance of a great mattress cannot be overstated. If you’re in the market for a mattress that leverages the incredible technological advances in the past few years, here’s how I would approach your next 8 years of sleep.

Personalization is Yours for the Taking

Just because you’ve read that one type of mattress works for your body type or sleep pattern, do not make the mistake of assuming you can blindly hit the “buy now” button and enjoy the best sleep of your life. Opinions published for a specific type of mattress can be misleading because there are so many factors that can affect personal comfort. Generalizations do little to inform great buying decisions.

For example, you still have to consider the other compositions that make up the mattress, such as support layers and memory foams. The difference in the features of each brand can have huge implications for your sleep quality. Nevertheless, it helps to research lists of mattresses that are recommended by various users with different needs.

Talk to an expert

As I said a while ago, various factors need to be considered when choosing a mattress. One of the most important concerns is your health. Your spine, for example, may not be supported well by one type of mattress. You may even have respiratory conditions that require specific temperatures for your mattresses. Consult your family physician if you have specific medical concerns that impact your sleep. They can point you in the right direction. I personally used the advice of my chiropractor to create a range of mattresses to consider that would support and conform to my spine in a helpful manner.

Test the mattress!

You can never know if a mattress is a right fit unless you feel it for yourself. After a careful assessment and search for testimonies, you can still end up unsatisfied with your purchase. To finalize your choice, you have to test your personal comfort with the materials for an extended period of time. Go to the store and lie on the mattress for 15-20 minutes.

It’s entirely possible to test your mattress in your home. Companies like Casper have innovated the delivery system for in-home mattress trials. Most consumer advocates recommend at least a 14-day trial to make a final decision on your next mattress. Ensure that the terms and conditions of your mattress trial allow you to return the mattress free-of-charge during the trial period.

There are few things worse than being stuck with a mattress that feels too stiff, too soft or too small for comfort. To get the maximum amount of restful sleep, you need to see your bed as a sanctuary. It’s a place where you go to escape the world.

Durability for the Ways You Like to Sit, Sit-Up, Laydown and Sleep

Or, if you’re anything like me, your bed is just an extension of your office. One of the key aspects I tested when getting a new mattress was how well it supported me while sitting for extended periods working on my laptop and iPad. Pillows play a big role in this, but the support of your tailbone needs to stand the test of time. If, during your trial, you notice that there is significant sagging or lack of support, it’s best to return your mattress for a different style or manufacturer.

The adjustable bed market was very attractive to me. The capacity to go from sleep, to work at the push of a button was interesting. After testing one in the home, I was able to assuage my fear of having a bedroom with something similar to a hospital bed. Although, at the risk of making this bedroom upgrade sound like a hospital bed, there are multiple medical benefits associated with the use of an adjustable bed.

With the improvements in sleep technology, users are provided with a ton of mechanisms to customize their “perfect sleep”. Take the time to become educated enough to make wise decisions. I hope I’ve given you an idea of what sleep will look like in the future! Happy snoozing, sleepyheads!

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Ryan Kh is a big data and analytic expert, marketing digital products on Amazon's Envato. He is not just passionate about latest buzz and tech stuff but in fact he's totally into it. Follow Ryan’s daily posts on WordPress / Clear World Finance / Forumsmix

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