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Tech Maintenance – How to Keep your Head High Above Water

Bigger companies have all nice perks like full-time employees who help the business in operating perfectly and a perfectly designed IT department. But the case is not similar with a smaller startup as the website’s technical maintenance, its storage, email, backups and also the social media fall to the administrator or the owner who is given the job of performing various chores. Just as companies, whether big or small, need to invest the best CMMS software in order to prep up the maintenance of their entire team, similarly the smaller startups often face challenges in computing due to lack of human resource.

As long as tech maintenance is concerned, you have to keep your head high above water so that your competitors don’t outshine you. There are several tech maintenance tips that are worth taking into account regularly and you will probably need to schedule them on your calendar even though you manage sales, marketing and customer care service.

#1: Keep a tab on your website uptime

Rather than any IT employee, a comparatively smaller business can better depend on software to keep things in check. You have to keep a tab on website uptime and for this, you can sign up with services like Pingdom which instantly notifies you through an email or text when there is a problem.

#2: Keep updating your website at regular intervals

There are several business owners who consider the website as the best marketing tool. When it comes to marketing, you have to continue updating your website with new content at regular intervals so that you can attract new customers. But apart from luring new customers, there is a better reason to keep updating your website with the recent security measures and that is to ward off hackers from causing harm to your site.

#3: Backups of data have to scheduled

There are several smaller companies which never engage in backups due to various reasons. They either find the process obscure and complicated or they find it pretty time-consuming. There are many others who utilize the cloud for storing data and documents but they usually don’t archive emails, laptop files, settings and other confidential documents. You can take resort to services like Crashplan to handle such backup jobs without any complexities.

#4: Social media analytics should be monitored

This is not an IT related function but tracking social media analytics will help you track customer engagement and measure the total number of follower counts and stay hands-on on any issue related to reputation. Majority of the social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook offer analytics for your business web page. You may even use apps like Buffer and HootSuite to take a deeper look.

#5: Keep a track of meetings and email

You also get apps for tracking meetings and email and one among the best is Microsoft MyAnalytics. If you’re working on Microsoft Office, you’ll already be having access to this. However, it depends on the plan that you use. MyAnalytics will offer you a wealth of data that focuses on IT and this includes how often the employees are using emails. All information will be presented to you in the form of a handy dashboard.

Therefore, as long as tech maintenance is concerned, you can take into account the above-mentioned tips in order to stay afloat amidst the cut-throat competition in the tech and IT industry. Before you assign different teams for different departments and expand your operations, you have to handle all such tasks with utmost care so that you don’t fall behind among your competitors. Don’t forget to focus on reactive maintenance of your team to ensure better management.

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