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TDP Government’s Enlightenment Program for Scheduled Tribes

The State Government of Andhra Pradesh worked hard for the upliftment of the tribals who were living in abject poverty and lacked education, medical facilities, or wildlife in the hills and forests far away from the civilized world. As a result of the TDP Government’s efforts under the leadership of Nara Chandrababu Naidu, the tribals’ living standards have improved significantly in terms of education, health, and economic conditions.

Integrated tribal development organizations established for the development of tribals are achieving good results in their scope. 1841 schools were set up under the “Mabadi” scheme which also increased literacy among the tribals. Special Ashram schools have been set up for the tribals. Implementation. “Andhra Pradesh Tribal Minerals Private Corporation” oversees the mining affairs in the tribal areas. It has set up a ‘Tribal Co-operative Society’ for the social and economic progress of the Scheduled Tribes, eliminating the burden of middlemen. It purchases and markets the forest products collected by the tribals. The population of the state is 41.99 lakhs and always had a way to look at the development done for them on the Latest TDP News. The Government of TDP which has great TDP Leaders and the Best TDP MLAs also has taken many programs for the Scheduled Tribes which constitute 6.30 percent of the people.

Achievements of the TDP Government in the upliftment of STs during the eight years of rule:

  • Establishment of 1850 social schools in tribal areas. From 1999 to 2000 50 percent of schools were sanctioned. The number increased from 1.40 lakh to 2.04 lakh
  • Increase in post-matric scholarships from 29,200 to 58,205.
  • Appointment of 542 resource persons for the inspection of 271 school complexes in ITDA areas.
  • Increase in 10th class pass rate of tribals in hostels and ashram schools from 50 to 72 percent, • Establishment of 65 residential schools for tribals. Upgradation to Junior Colleges at 27 places.
  • Vocational education in 41 primary residential schools and 9 colleges for girls in low literacy areas.
  • 114 mobile primary health centers with jeep and ambulance facilities. Wireless sets for 147 PHCs.
  • Construction of 176 kilometers of roads in tribal areas at a cost of Rs.14.39 crores
  • Protected fresh water to 7,993 tribal villages at a cost of Rs.58.33 crores. Construction of 595 educational institution buildings at a cost of Rs.48.51 crores.
  • Electricity connections to 5873 villages/tribal areas and 2,436 agricultural pump sets.
  • 1,50,051 Construction of permanent houses-
  • Under Indira Awas Yojana, the cost of construction of tribal houses has been reduced from Rs.16,500 to Rs.20,000, and for VTGs to Rs.22,000 increase
  • 89,887 hectares of orchards at a cost of Rs.18.15 crores.
  • 6936 acres of a coffee plantation in Paderu ITDA, a plantation in Parvathipuram ITDA. 7.09 crores in 12,000 hectares
  • 200 DR in remote areas. Depots. Annual business of forest products and agricultural products is Rs.14.84 crores to Rs.26.92 crores. D.R. Annual turnover of depot sales increased from Rs.41.20 crores to Rs.92.00 crores.
  • 58-grain banks in Chenchu ​​areas under the food security scheme. In addition another 847 formations,
  • 58 crore as margin money for 2,09,913 tribal families.
  • Following the LTR, 43,922 hectares of land belonging to 1,07,992 tribal families were returned to them.
  • 1804 VAO for tribals Grant of posts.
  • 1965 formation of forest conservation committees for the conservation of 6.91 lakh hectares of forest land. B
  • 2599 Self Help Groups, 4842 Dwarka Groups formed.
  • In January 1999, an order was issued to make all children between six and 14 years of age compulsory in schools under the “Mabadi” scheme.

These are considered to be some of the Greatest Contributions and many of the TDP Achievements done under Nara Chandrababu Naidu’s TDP Government.

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