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Tapping a Marketing Goldmine: 6 Effective Ways to Use Video in Your Email Marketing

As a marketer, you’re working hard to build a following on social media. You’re paying for Google ads and Facebook ads, and maybe even buying a few ad spots on traditional TV. But are you making any effort to tap into the full potential of one of the most effective marketing devices – emails?

Like social media marketing, email marketing has one very big benefit – it’s highly affordable, especially when compared to more traditional advertising. It also provides a way to get your message delivered right to the people who should be hearing it, and right where they’re likely to read it: in their inbox. Over 50% of emails today are opened on mobile devices, which means that when you’re sending out a promotional email, you have the opportunity to reach potential consumers on the go. You also have the opportunity to personalize your message and make it relevant to the individual who receives it. Maybe that’s why Adweek found that email marketing is six times more effective than social media marketing.

Or maybe it’s because everyone on your list actively chose to be there and so is more receptive to your messages. That’s the ground rock of email marketing: Everyone on your email list opted into receiving communications from you by providing their email address.  If you don’t abuse their trust, you’ll be able to catch their attention any time during the day with a funny quip or a good promotion.

So you’ve got a ready audience. You’ve got important promotional material you want to get across to them.  How can you make this material both interesting and engaging, so that every email gets read, savored, and acted upon? High quality, relevant copy that excites the reader and encourages action will always be the cornerstone of email marketing. But there’s one secret ingredient that can add an enormous boost of flavor to your campaigns, and make your conversion numbers look much better very fast: Video.

Though one doesn’t usually think of video and email marketing in the same sentence, it turns out that they can be an incredibly powerful combination. By combining great intent from your video marketing specialists with practical email templates, you will boost your overall marketing performance while creating an excellent opportunity to meet your clients’ needs. Never miss a chance to tell your story and make everyone hear about what your brand has to offer. Here are six ways you can use video to reach and empower your consumers or fan base through email marketing – connecting with your followers where they’re at.

Video Event Promos: Sneak Peaks for Your Loyal Patrons

If you’re planning an event, put together some fun video evites to make your followers truly feel welcome and get them excited about the event. When compared to image-based invitations, they have an extra spark that can animate your base and leave them counting down the days till the big day.

You don’t have to build a video invitation from the ground up – professional video-making is too expensive and not worth the hassle. Add behind-the-scenes videos or a video of your team doing a countdown or something else you can shoot yourself without much effort – nothing too fancy but enough to build on the excitement of the viewer. If you are looking for a more professional finish, you can use pre-produced video templates to make your evites shine in a matter of minutes. You can find thousands of event promo video templates on online graphic design platforms like PosterMyWall and customize them to reflect your event’s energy and represent your brand.

Some video templates may look perfect for use right out of the box, but if you want your advertising to be really effective make a habit of customizing every video-template you use to make it on-brand with your own text, logo, colors and even visuals right there in the easy-to-use editor. You can replace the video used in the template with your own footage or pick a new one from the stock video library to give the design a more personalized look. That extra five minutes you spend customizing and adding a little of your own flavor and brand to the design will make the video recognizable as your brand’s to all your loyal followers and help you strengthen your brand identity.

Product Intros: Share the Excitement

Another prime candidate for adding video into your emails is when you’re showcasing a new product. A video allows you to share much more information than text or even images, and your viewers will be able to genuinely feel some of your excitement as you unveil what you’ve been working on. This instant, organic connection leads to results:  research shows  64% of consumers purchase a product after watching a branded video and this number is likely to go up when the videos are delivered in personalized emails.

Using an online design tool, create product intros that carry your brand flavor, and let your followers feel they’re involved from the get-go. A simple, easy-to-make structure of a product video can be to use product images with an eye-catching stock video in the background like this great design from PosterMyWall.

Spice up the Boring Stuff with Video Email Banners

Another good strategy is to use video email banners in your email marketing. These banners are a wonderful opportunity to make a lasting first impression: they’ll be the first thing that your contact sees when he or she opens the email, and have the potential to be a virtual showstopper.

A well-designed video email banner design can significantly lower the bounce rate of your emails, too.  Makeup and save a few email banners using a banner maker and you’ll have something ready whenever you need to spice up your email content. Stay consistent with your design style, colors, and fonts: it’ll help you build brand identity in the minds of the recipients  and they will receive the same warm stimulus every time they see those banners. You can even change the themes of the banners as the seasons’ change – with flowers in the spring and snowfall in the winter for an added festive touch.

Protip: Use a 600×200 px size to be sure it is scalable over whatever digital device your recipient may be using.

Personalized Videos to Let Your Followers Know You Care

Personalizing videos for specific segments of your email list has the potential to make them feel they are a highly valued part of your fan base. You can do this by addressing recipients with their name and personalizing words such as location names, issues of local importance, the recipient’s past interests, etc into the video templates you’re already using. It might seem extra work, but it’s worth it:  in fact, research shows that the addition of personalized videos to your emails can give you 16x higher clicks-to-open.

Don’t Hide it in a Corner: Advertising Your Video

Video email marketing doesn’t only draw engagement when it’s viewed, just the mention of it will bring your readers in. The word ‘video’ added to your subject line has the potential to increase open rates by as much as 19% according to a study that also found videos can boost click-through rates by more than half and should make a big dent in your unsubscribe rates as well. You can stick that magic word anywhere in the email, but one way of making it super obvious without sounding spammy is to add it in square brackets at the beginning or end of your subject line. For instance, you could say

We’re getting ready for the big day! [Video]


[Video] We’re getting ready for the big day!

See what it does? Your viewers know that they’re not just getting a boring, text-heavy reminder that your big event is coming up—they start hoping for some juicy behind the scenes shots or sneak peeks, and no one can stop them from clicking.

Live-Action Thumbnails that Invite Click-throughs

You’ve seen that thumbnails can make or break a video’s clickthrough rate on Youtube, Facebook or any other video platform. You’re careful to make sure your thumbnail shows one of the more engaging, interesting moments in your video, something captivating to draw users in. But did you know that your thumbnail can be a moving picture too? You can create an eye-catching animated gif of your video easily with PosterMyWall’s option to download a video as a gif. Simply trim your existing video to the most captivating part instead of having to create a brand new design and then choose the gif format from the download page. Use this attention-grabbing gif in your email and see a significant increase in video views right off the bat.

Link to: Indie Rock Concert Square Video

The Road Forward

Video email marketing is a rising trend in the digital marketing strategy for startups and has already created a huge impact on many companies. Thankfully, video for business is not as hard to come up with as it used to be. With easy-to-use video templates available for any use case, you can delight your followers and effectively market your brand to them right in their own inboxes.

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