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Surveillance Software for Your Cell

With many forms of crime on the increase, the use of surveillance software on web-based devices is becoming the norm. Mobile phone monitoring is the most popular because of the cell phone’s portability and versatility. For many mobile phone users, a cell phone surveillance app is a critical personal life alert system.

Just as widespread as the number of cell phone users are the makers and marketers of mobile phone monitoring systems. Companies such as WebWatcher, Mobile Spy, mSpy, and CellSpy specialize in software that can monitor devices that have an internet connection.

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Not everyone knows whether or not the everyday cell phone user is prohibited from acquiring and installing mobile phone surveillance software. Because any surveillance, including “cell phone spying,” raises the issue of privacy rights, anyone interested in phone or device monitoring software should first be aware of legal implications and restrictions before committing to a licensing agreement. And certainly, confirming any restrictions with a company that provides surveillance products can prevent problems.

Reputable companies, such as mSpy and CellSpy, will post legal and privacy policies on their websites. A CellSpy spokesperson explained, “Like any other software of this kind, our product is designed to be used for legal purposes only. Any restrictions imposed on the use of our software will be posted to our website as a warning to existing customers and potential software purchasers.” The company also recommends that users of its monitoring software first get the consent of the person who will be under surveillance. “Not having the consent of the party being targeted can have legal ramifications,” a support representative pointed out.

CellSpy, the maker of surveillance software for the Android and iPhone mobile phones, was formed by a group of IT developers in Europe with a mission of fostering more open communications through web-driven interfaces. “Our primary goal was, and remains, to improve communications more openly and on a global level,” said a company representative.

CellSpy’s phone monitoring software works on Android and iPhone tablets and phones. The app must be installed on the phone and/or tablet one wishes to track (the target device). Some key surveillance features are:

• Real-time GPS location tracking
• Phone call, text, and e-mail monitoring
• Instant message interception
• Monitoring internet usage
• Track the location of a lost or stolen device
• Secure your own mobile phone

Even if a targeted mobile phone user changes phone numbers, changes or cancels a mobile phone plan, changes or replaces a SIM card, or replaces the phone, CellSpy continues to work as long as the software is present on the same or compatible mobile phone or tablet. “For example, if a person changes phone plans or a phone number, CellSpy will be unaffected if that person uses the same phone. If a person replaces a phone but has a tablet where CellSpy is installed, the person can still be monitored,” said a representative.

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