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Struggling With Your App Store Ranking? Top 5 Ways to Improve App Store Optimization

Majority of businesses invest a lot of money in their mobile app development but somewhere they struggle to increase their app’s popularity and downloads. How it can be resolved?

Majority of businesses invest a lot of money in their mobile app development but somewhere they struggle to increase their app’s popularity and downloads. How it can be resolved?

An important factor that plays a crucial role is the rank of your app in the search list. If your app is not visible to the user then how come you expect them to download it?

Solution to your problem is ASO(App Store Optimization), which will help you reach those business goals in less time interval.

What is ASO?

ASO is a way of optimizing the app by applying various effective techniques to improve the ranking in the search result page. Basically, it enhances the visibility of the app ensuring the increase in the number of visitors and downloads.

Now, I will discuss 5 effective ways of optimizing the app that will guarantee a genuine traffic to your mobile application in no time.

1  Name & keywords

Keywords are the real traffic drivers that are most often searched by the user. Make sure that the title of your mobile app has a suitable keyword related to the business field.

Actually, the algorithms of Google and Apple search works in a way that they look for that specific keyword in app title which is searched by a user.

If you need help in obtaining those rich keywords then try these tools- Keyword Suggestions, OneLook Reverse Dictionary, Ubersuggest and many more.

Avoid the stuffing of keywords as it would be considered as spam and you may lose the lead.

Some great examples of App names are Google Maps-GPS Navigation, Amazon- Shipping made easy, The weather channel- forecast, etc.

2  Create a gripping description

An app description is like “choose your words wisely”.

You have already less space to describe the unique qualities of your mobile app so you must focus on the target keywords by keeping it concise in nature.

The main motto is to steal the attention of the reader in the first 3-4 lines of the description because probably very fewer people click on “read more” in last.

To satisfy the expectations of the user, mention the values and innovations of your app which makes it different from other. Your description should be a call-to-action for the target audience.

3  Frequent updates

Consistency in updates will maintain the interest of users towards your mobile app. It is observed, if an app doesn’t come up with new features, most probably their users shift onto another app. Some remarkable app development companies provide a benefit of hiring a team after the product delivery for further updations and additions in your mobile app.

An update is not enough, you need to spotlight those new features also to make them get noticed. That can be done by updating the description of the app, add “what’s new” mentioning all the new features pointwise. Also, you can entice your loyal customers by pushing notifications with a call-to-action format.

On the other hand, there are few factors to consider for the smooth flow of the upgrade frequency. Like, there must be an adequate amount of time gap between next and last update, the storage size of the app should not hike much, old reviews must be replaced by the reviews fetched after the update.

4  Highlight ratings and feedback

App users are very much concerned about the reviews and feedback of a particular service. In fact, the quality and values of a mobile app are reflected by the experience shared by the present users.

Beside the above fact, according to the survey held by Moz professionals, the mobile app with a huge collection of positive reviews prevail the list of search result.

Now you have earned a lot of positive reviews that can be used to influence the people looking for a similar app. But, have you showcase those reviews in an effective manner? There are plenty of marketing tactics to make people realize the potential of your app — there could be fake reviews by your opponent but you have to tackle the situation smartly. Rather than deleting the negative feedback, put 3-4 positive feedbacks to nullify its effect.

Also, give importance to genuine feedbacks that can guide your users and provoke them to download the app quickly. Keep the list of reviews neutral by also showing some honest reviews irrespective of negativity or positivity. The reviews are less like a feedback and more like a suggestion for the next update.

5  Include screenshots and videos

Apart from ASO, a compelling way of driving the traffic is screenshots and short describing videos. Come up with the best satisfying screenshots to make the user realize the capability of the app graphics. Of course, the users will judge your app by those graphical images because they visualize the app to get an idea of its potential.

There are certain rules while adding up those screenshots in your app gallery like you can upload at last 3 screenshots in an iOS platform whereas android allows uploading at last 8 screenshots. Your potential customers are definitely going to have a glimpse of these images, arrange them in such a manner which could convince them to know even more about your app.

Meanwhile, short tutorial videos are making it more comfortable to deliver the user experience to the potential customers. Hence, it gives birth to curiosity in the mind of the people and they tend to download the app without looking further. To avoid the bounce rate, you need to be honest with those small gameplay videos, rather than spicing it up with core graphics, show the real experience.

Just like description and reviews are edited after an update, similarly, you have to replace those screenshots according to the new user experience. These steps are necessary to maintain the relationship with loyal users as well as for attracting new customers.

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Siya Carla is Solution Consultant at Finoit Technologies, a leading custom software development company which turns ideas into reality by providing unique web design and mobile app development services. By creating intuitive, user-friendly, and interactive apps for more than 450 customers throughout the globe, we enjoy a great reputation as a customer-friendly mobile app development company in the market.

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