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How to Straighten Hair Quickly

Straightening your hair normally takes time in order to achieve that perfect look you are looking for. Therefore to straighten your hair quickly, you have to put so many factors into consideration. Also, make sure that you practice daily hence practice makes perfect.

Steps to Follow:

a.   Make sure to acquire the best flat iron; purchasing the flat iron that will easily straighten your hair is the no. 1 step. Remember to acquire the one designed with variable temperature settings to enable you to have many heat options to choose from.

b.  Remember to keep your hair clean; it is imperative to straighten only thoroughly washed and clean hair. Therefore, wash your hair overnight so as to give your hair ample time to dry off properly. Although if you washed it the other day, there is no need to re-wash it again. But if it has been washed for more than one day, you can apply dry shampoo to it if you are pressed for time. Remember not to use a flat iron on a wet hair or hair that is not completely dry so as to avoid frying your hair.

c.  Do not forget to use Heat protection; applying a thermal serum to the hair that you want to straighten is a very important factor. Thoroughly brushing the hair spritz into the hair before straightening helps to prevent heat damage to the hair.

d.  Plug in your flat iron; after plugging in your hair straightener, wait for it to completely heat up for some minutes.

e.  Choose the Temperature that will suit your hair Type; remember to use the temperature that you are comfortable with. You should know your hair texture and the heat level that will straighten it without causing any damage to your hair. It is better to waste your time while carefully straightening your hair than to waste many months trying to repair the damage caused by over heat on your hair.

f.  Lift up most of your hair; as you are waiting for your hair straightener to completely heat up, use a clip or hair tie to put up the majority of your hair leaving only the bottom layer. Make sure that you successfully divide your hair into two layers.

g.  First of all, straighten the Bottom layer; starting from the bottom layer, take a section of the hair clamp from the top and gently slide down the section. Take another layer after this until you have reached the top layer. Using this procedure will surely save you time as you will be applying heat on smaller sections of hair.

h.  Do this procedure continuously until you have reached the top layer. Bearing in mind that the top layer is the part that everybody will notice, carefully straighten this it to perfection.

i.   Apply Hair Spray or Shine; after you might have finished the straightening process, apply hair spray to add shine to the straightened hair. Then thoroughly brush out the demarcated layers together.

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