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Steps To Take Into Account While Auditing Your PPC, Shopping Ads Campaign

If you are experiencing a decrease in your online traffic, and can clearly sense that your online PPC campaign is haemorrhaging at a rapid pace, it is of high significance that you immediately launch an audit of your PPC account.

Although, PPC or AdWords audit is a significant factor in deciding the fate of your digital marketing campaign, and you should be conducting an audit periodically, yet it is the most overlooked element in the whole process of online campaigning.

If you want to improve the performance of your PPC ads, you ought to take a thorough look at your campaign, and figure out the problems that are persistent and are hampering the smooth functioning of your investment. A PPC audit might be a cumbersome task but it provides you insightful knowledge about your campaign, and facilitates you to make changes in your account, what is working for your business and what needs to be changed or replaced.

A robust marketing strategy matters a lot in a PPC campaign, and a comprehensive PPC audit can get you back on track with your marketing and business goals.

Before proceeding further, let us cover some frequently asked questions regarding PPC audit –

What exactly is a PPC audit?

While auditing your PPC campaign, you will be inspecting your AdWords or Bing accounts to make sure that each and everything is functioning efficiently and does not require any upgrades or changes. Moreover, an AdWords audit not just covers this much, it may also be beneficial in finding new opportunities for growth.

When shall the audit be performed?

Usually it is recommended to survey your account twice a year, or at least once a year.

Where will the audit take place?

Most of the work will be completed in your AdWords account; however, there might be some changes and upgrades done to the onsite.

Who will perform the audit?

If you are well-versed with technical and economical whereabouts of the AdWords account, then you can be deemed adept to perform a PPC or Shopping ads audit all by yourself, however, if you are not! Hiring a third party to inspect your account is the ideal option. Professional experts will be able to segment your account’s hills and crests efficiently, but their services may turn out to be expensive.

It is very crucial for you to at least have some sort of help, be it a third party or any AdWords familiar person to walk you through the process of auditing! This will also facilitate a clear view of your account, without any blinders.

How to audit your PPC or a Shopping Ads Campaign

Dividing your account into three small fractions will help you to focus up on things more efficiently and comprehensively.

You can divide your account into the following three key areas –

#1 Campaign Structure

The structure of your account should be intuitive to an outsider. With the clean segmentation of the campaign, it should be easy for any third party auditor or any other person to understand your campaigns settings and goals. Many people use the terms “campaign 1 or campaign 2” this does not provide enough knowledge about the campaign, instead they should be renamed using original nomenclature, to provide a brief knowledge about what type of campaign It is “PPC campaign or Remarketing campaign” and the keywords associated with it.

#2 Ad Group Structure

Auditing of your ad groups is certainly a time consuming task as there are a number of elements to take care of. In fact, your ad groups should be more coordinated and compliance with your product lines and landing pages, even more than your campaigns! Your PPC ads should be able to steer better qualified leads and traffic to your site, in addition, specialized ad groups will help in redirecting specific users to where they need to be.

#3 Ad and Keyword auditing

These two sections are interwoven with each other pertaining to the fact that they are symbiotic and inter-dependent on each other.

  • Look for any possible errors in ads by exporting all the data in to a CSV. Exporting the information from AdWords to excel will help sweep up the clutter and provide a better view of the campaign, highlighting any issues that need to be fixed.
  • If you want your campaign to solely focus upon getting new traffic to your site, then you should focus up on impression and CTR rates. Moreover, if conversions are what you are interested in, you ought to examine the cost and conversions.

We hope the above mentioned tips will help you to perform a paramount AdWords or shopping ads audit, and bring some quantifiable difference in your overall campaign reach and reliability.

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