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Step-by-step Process to Write an Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay provides an opinion of the author about the different faces to a single argument. Solid sherds of evidence are required to support the side which is favored by the writer also strong evidence and facts are required to oppose the other side. To write an impeccable essay proficiency is required. So it is necessary to learn the process.

To present a piece of evidence in support of an idea through essay writing is called as an argumentative essay. For a single argument, there is a counterargument also. The writer needs to support one and oppose others until the conclusion. To support an argument, it is necessary to provide solid evidence. Why the audience should believe you and oppose counterargument. For that also precise and accurate shreds of evidence are required. You can buy argumentative essay to have professionally written paper.

Steps to Write an Argumentative Essay

Choose an interesting topic.

Whichever style of approach you choose the most important thing is to decide an appropriate topic for you. Choose a topic on which you can argue strongly. Make sure that you are aware of that topic. It should be interesting and debatable. If you will be having knowledge related to that topic already, it will be easy for you to write for it. Maybe your teacher has already assigned you a topic, if not then choose a topic that you already know to make the research process easy.


To begin with writing, research is the main step. Search for essay material from internet sources, books, library, blogs, documentaries etc. Make sure that the resources you choose are credible and consists of correct information. Read more and browse sufficiently to take notes of the most common issues argued over the topic that you choose. It is very important to cover all of the important and pressing issues. In your essay, you need to answer every question that may arise in the minds of your readers. Try to present a unique and original angle to the argument that hasn’t explored and discussed yet. It will help you impress your teacher and also excites readers to read something new.

Create an outline

After collecting relevant information to your topic, you need to organize it in different parts of your essay with proficiency. When it comes to the writing process a good outline can help you heaps. If you will invest your time to well-craft your essay, you will be left just will fill it in. You have a view on the structure you should buy argumentative essay for a sample from professional writers.

In the structure of an essay, there are the following parts.

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

Start writing and filling the outline

1. The introduction includes some background of your topic. It helps the reader to get the main point you are going to talk about. What is the importance of your topic and how does it affect your audience and why should they read it? Everything is mentioned in the introduction.

2. A thesis statement is also a part of the introduction. It includes are the main points, arguments and ideas. In this statement you let the readers know that for which side you are going to play.

3. The body contains three paragraphs generally. In the first paragraph, you are required to present the main argument that supports your thesis. Solid evidence is also essential. Present the second paragraph to support your side of the argument.

4. There is counterargument also. Remember? In this case, provide tough evidence to oppose and prove the other side of argument false.

5. In the end, summarize the main points that you presented in the body of the essay. Write an effective and compelling conclusion to convince the reader in our favour.

Editing and proofreading

After finishing your essay, take some time and relax. Then go back and revise your paper. Edit it and pay attention to check if you have presented successfully and refuted the counterargument. Also, check spelling and grammar.

Present a compelling idea for the future of your topic. It is not hard to achieve a successful argument. Do your research with dedication, write a well-developed outline and go through the editing checklist. By following all the steps given above you can write a great essay. Even though you find any difficulty to buy argumentative essay is always an option. Good luck!

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