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Stay Connected With Casio Edifice EQB-510D

The Casio Edifice EQB-510D is an attractive, solar powered wrist watch. It can be proudly said to be a new casually elegant interpretation of the successfully launched EQB-500 thereby making it the second generation of watches that can communicate with smartphones.

Presented by EDIFICE, this tech-infused chronograph is a pricier model in the motorsports-inspired range. Along with its smart functionality, it also features a new look and a highly luminous and well-designed dial that make it attractive to both businessmen and globetrotters who have found the EQB-510 to be a matchless, perfect companion.

The watch comes with Bluetooth connectivity, which is commonly referred to as the “Smartphone link” by Casio. This smart functionality uses the free Casio Watch+ app and Bluetooth® 4.0 technology to communicate with any smartphone. These uncommon features mean that the task of setting world time can be done with ease.

Indeed, setting the watch to local time, which requires just one click of a button, has never been this simple. In particular, the app comes in handy with the world map of about 300 cities which also facilitates the setting of a second time-zone. Consequently, you will never have to worry about adjusting the hands yourself.

At a glance, you can read your own local time and that of another country across the globe, thanks to the visible display of a dual-dial world time on the watch face. Furthermore, it is worth noting that you can also use your phone to carry out several functions on the watch such as setting alarm times and adjusting hand positions.

Though not a smartwatch, the EQB-510D watch can be paired with the free app once installed on your smartphone. Through the app, alarms, time zones, date and time can be automatically set right from your phone. Most interestingly, the World Time dial feature can also automatically set time to one of approximately 300 cities around the globe once paired to your smartphone. Thus, even when you are on a foreign mission abroad, supplementary dials will continue to display the time and date just as they are back home.

What’s more? With the app, you can receive email notifications and alarm signals thanks to an inbuilt phone finder feature that causes your phone to send a signal (emit a tone) when a watch button is pressed.

Furthermore, one exciting feature of this watch is its ability to automatically shift to a low power state when deprived of adequate light (like when it has been left in a drawer). While in this state, the hands stop moving but the watch continues to maintain an accurate time and date. Simply put, it goes into hibernation. But as soon as it is exposed to sunlight, the watch jumps back into action with full accuracy.

Other amazing features of the Edifice EQB-510D from Casio include a speed meter, a split timer stopwatch, a day indicator, a striking 48.1 mm case and wristband, and a 100-meter water resistance capability. All these features and more makes it the perfect gift this Christmas.

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