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Social Platform Slingjot Technologically Advances SMM

SlingjotThe adoption and integration of social media now reflects how social you are. Now it is hard to find, even an average Internet user without having involvement with at least one or more social media platforms. The definition of being social has changed over last few years due to the rise of many online social platforms. You may like to put Facebook ahead of other social media platforms, even though Facebook is not the first one among the social crowd. It is the approach and strategy of Facebook, which created the buzz in the tech world and started a new era of social media. Tech giant Google has also launched their social platform Google+, and options are widely available to Internet users to get involved with their preferred social platform.

What is Slingjot

Social media platforms are starting to be categorized under different classes and interests to bring more crowds under their platform. You now have the social platform like Facebook and Google+ where people are getting affiliated regardless their age or profession. On the other hand, social network like LinkedIn is known as the social platform for professionals around the world. It is really difficult for many people to stay connected with their social affiliates (friend, family, and colleagues) by affiliated with only one social platform.

You may find some of your friends available at twitter while most of your family members are more comfortable with Facebook. Again, it may not possible for you to stay updated without having a LinkedIn account. Here comes the necessity of having more than one social account to ensure a vibrant presence. This is the issue addressed by Slingjot, where it comes with a common platform to get connected with multiple social platforms from one place.

How Slingjot Pushes Social Media

Slingjot started its journey with a plan to give an exciting and rich social experience to the end users, who need to continue with their presence at multiple social platforms having similar importance and priority. For example, you do not need to move back and forth among the tabs of your browser and divide you social time to separate platforms. Rather, you can now stay connected with more than one social network through Slingjot and its easy user interface. A survey report showed that, most of the people spent one in every six online minutes at some social network. It is also time consuming when you need to move on different pages to update your status, share or tag photo/video and chat with your friends, family, and colleagues at different social platforms.

Using One Word Is Much Better

Slingjot is better not only according to the service but also according to the technology they are using to provide that service. Different social media platforms may not use the same technical tools and means, which comes with a great challenge for Slingjot to merge those social platforms with different technical specifications at one place. You will not find Slingjot only as your time saver, rather this excellent one stop social platform can be your hub to keep continuing with multiple social media networks over the web.

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Posted by Greg Henderson, an Internet Marketer and SEO Associate for a cell phone lookup site, and an find an email address site

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. levon

    September 11, 2013 at 5:30 am

    this another app similar to this called klout it pretty much does the same thing.

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