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I have come to a realization that when one is asked about Social Media, what springs to their mind is ‘Facebook’.

Many people have more of a restricted view of Social Media but there is more to it than just Facebook. There many sites and apps that encompass Social Media like Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Quora, Pinterest and among others.

Basically, Social Media can be used to describe almost any website on the Internet today so social media are web-based communication tools that enable people to interact with each other by sharing and receiving information.

With countless new apps being launched every day it can be hard to choose which one is worth using. The following are the most popular social media apps;

1. WhatsApp; WhatsApp has over 700 million monthly active users. You can download WhatsApp on your computer or mobile device as well as use it on Web.

2. Facebook; Facebook one of the largest social network and can be accessed using desktops mobile devices such as tablets, mobile phones over the web.

3. Facebook Messenger; Facebook Messenger is a Facebook app that lets you have text conversation with all your friends and family on the network. Connecting people is one of Facebook’s primary objective. Facebook Messenger can be accessed on mobile devices and desktop computers.

4. Snapchat; Snapchat is another private messaging app for photos and videos .Snapchat is available for download only for mobile devices.

5. Telegram; Telegram is an interesting message app it lets you do more than typical texting. Telegram is available for download for mobile devices and web.

6. Kik; Kik, just like WhatsApp, has become a popular messaging app among kids with over 100 million users. It requires a username other than a phone number. Available for mobile download.

7. Twitter; Because of how big of a resource Twitter has become for getting real-time news and connecting with high-profile individuals and celebrities (like musicians, bands, actors, politicians, etc.), teenagers have quickly taken a liking to this microblogging social network. Available for download both on mobile devices and web.

8. Google Plus; almost difficult to avoid since it’s attached to Google’s other services like Search, Gmail, YouTube, Google Play and Google Docs. Furthermore, since they’re so intimately intertwined, it’s easy to find friends who already have an account.

9. WeChat; There are WeChat apps for Windows and Windows Phone, Mac, iOS and Android users, but also a website you can visit to get your WeChat messages online. With over 900 million users WeChat is a messaging and calling app that allows you to easily connect with family and friends across countries. It’s the all-in-one communications app for text (SMS/MMS), voice and video calls, moments, photo sharing, and games .

10. Instagram; With over 500 million users you can connect to your Instagram account through your computer, Android or iOS device. Instagram is a simple way to capture and share the world’s moments and allows you to follow your friends and family to see what they’re up to.

11. Tumblr; one of the web’s most popular blogging platforms, and a lot of teenagers have admittedly traded i their Facebook accounts for a Tumblr blog instead. Tumblr is a place to discover and post about things you love, and allows you to join communities of people who share that very same passion.

12. AskFm; AskFm (Ask me Anonymous questions) is a Q&A-based website and app that lets its users take questions from their followers, and then answer them one at a time, any time they want. Every day around the world, ASKfm users are asking and answering over millions of questions in over 40 languages.

13. LinkedIn; LinkedIn app makes it easier to discover, connect and nurture relationships with people that matter, search and apply for jobs, and get updates on topics and companies that make a difference all on the go. This online social network is a great place connect and stay in touch with your professional relationships. It’s available on mobile devices and desktop computers.

14. Pinterest; Pinterest is full of possibilities to design your life. Discover recipes, style inspiration, projects for your home and other ideas to try. It’s available on the mobile devices and computers.

15. Quora; Quora is a Q&A platform that empowers people to share and grow the world’s knowledge. People come to Quora to ask questions about any subject, read high quality knowledge that’s personalized and relevant to them, and share their own knowledge with others. Quora is a place to share knowledge and better understand the world.

And the list goes on and on since more apps are still sprouting like mushrooms. Developers are definitely not sleeping, making the social media network better.


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Taylor Johnson is a content writer for Sand Crest SEO. We provide valuable information for businesses looking to grow their online business to the top of the search engines.

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