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Social Collaboration: Youtube Offering Video Production Tips Through Google +

Social media has been on a significant and fast paced journey since it’s inception in 2005, and this continues to unfold with every passing innovation. One of the most notable social media trends of recent times has seen an improved level of collaboration between independent sites, and this has been essential in enhancing the experience of both professional and recreational users.

To support this ethos, audio visual giant Youtube have confirmed that they will offer video production tips and tutorials through Google +. Featuring advice from numerous experts, the project will deliver pre and post production advice to aspiring video enthusiasts, as those affiliated with the site use their unique perspective to inform others

How Social Media Resources Can Benefit One Another

While it is no surprise that Youtube are using their expertise to both educate others and promote their own brand, it may be considered slightly unusual that they are using Google + as a platform to achieve this. Far from competing with each for their share of the market, however, social media resources are constantly looking to tap into each others defining features and user base to improve their own members experience. After all, each social media resource has it’s own unique appeal to users, and through collaboration they can reach out to a wider target audience.

This is not the first instance of social media collaboration, and in recent times sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest have become integrated with one another for the benefit of personal and professional users. Just as pictures uploaded onto Facebook can now be shared instantly with specific boards on Pinterest, so too real time tweets and messages can be posted directly to your Facebook profile page. The deeper integration of these independent sites has been noticeable, and occurred primarily as a result of user demands and their behavioural trends.

The Bottom Line: The Age of Collaboration and the Benefits for Social Media Users

With an increasing number of users coordinating their social media activities across several sites, there is likely to be a stronger sense of collaboration in the coming months and years. This can only benefit users, who will be afforded an increasing number of opportunities to learn, improve and share their personal or professional information with a wider circle of followers. The boundaries of possibility are stretched even further when you consider the diverse nature of social media sites, from image based resources like Pinterest to micro-blogging website Twitter.

Written By

This post was written by Adam Snape. To find our more about Video Tile's cutting edge video production techniques and how to put them into practice, check out the firms website today.



  1. TracyAnn0312

    August 24, 2012 at 4:40 am

    It may be a great idea for Google to collaborate You tube offering video production. Another great topic that can help people to have great video production in their blog.

  2. Andy Dill

    October 15, 2012 at 7:28 pm

    I think it’s great when huge companies decide to give back a little, like giving video production tips. It’s always useful to have a window into how the pros do it.

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