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Small but Smart Bathroom Radiators

Our homes are rapidly getting smarter and smarter. You might have a smart speaker to play music, search the internet and set your alarms and reminders. Or maybe you have a smart doorbell that lets you see who’s at your door – even when you’re not in.

Does your washing machine text you to let you know it’s finished? Some do, and our ovens and refrigerators are becoming smart too – it won’t be long before your fridge starts ordering milk from the supermarket for you!

How smart are bathrooms?

But what about our bathrooms? Are they getting smarter?

This might be one room in the house where cameras and microphones might not be too welcome. But our bathrooms do have some technical wizardry, mostly in controlling temperature.

Some taps, showers and radiators today use thermostatic controls to maintain a comfortable temperature – either of your water or of the whole room.

How does a smart radiator work?

A smart radiator will adjust the flow of hot water to achieve the room temperature you set. This can be a real boon. It both saves energy and creates better efficiency.

A thermostatic towel radiator, for example, will let you set the room temperature on a wall-mounted unit, and adjust its own heat until it reaches the target. On a warm day, then, the radiator won’t need to switch on, saving you money on your next energy bill.

And because the radiator is adjusting itself all the time to reach your desired temperature, it’s more efficient. That means you can buy small bathroom radiators that will do a great job in heating your bathroom space.

How do I choose a small but smart radiator?

When you buy any kind of radiator you need to use a calculation called a BTU, which stands for British Thermal Unit. Every radiator is given a BTU rating which tells you the size of the room it can heat. Just put your room’s dimensions into a BTU calculator and it will tell you how many units you need.

Then it’s just a case of finding a radiator with the right BTU rating. You’re likely to find that thermostatic radiators score well, so a smaller, smarter radiator might be ideal for your bathroom. You can choose a single radiator, or if you have a large bathroom, buy two to reach the total BTU you need.

So there’s no need for your bathroom to be any less smart than the rest of your home. A smart radiator will look good, keep you cosy and save money too.

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