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Why Sleeping on a Bad Mattress is not Good for your Health

Human beings spend one-third of their lives sleeping and so it is necessary to prepare adequately for the bed. Most people do not know the importance of getting the right mattress and so they end up jeopardizing their sleep.

If you sleep on an old mattress or on a mattress that is not right for you, you will experience neck and back pain. Poor mattresses do not offer the necessary support that your body requires in order to rest well. If your mattress does not push your hips up to align your body well, you will slump when sleeping. This will, in turn, strain your back muscles when they try holding your spinal column up. This stress will make you have back pain or weakened spinal column. Sleeping on sagging, worn out and lumpy mattresses causes shoulders, neck, spine and back pain too. All of these can lead to chronic muscle pain.

Sleeping on a poor mattress can also lead to insomnia. A poor quality mattress hinders the number of hours one sleeps. You are also likely to develop poor sleeping patterns. A lumpy mattress, for instance, does not allow your body to align well. When the pressure points of your body lack the necessary support, they become strained leading to discomfort and your brain will trigger you to move. This stirring can relieve the pressure points but your sleep gets destructed. This causes your sleeping pattern to change and you will never get sound sleep since the lumps will not allow you to get a comfortable sleeping position.

Another health effect caused by sleeping on a bad or old mattress is fatigue. Poor sleeping patterns and insomnia will eventually lead to fatigue. Body ache, laziness and low energy levels will then follow and all these will affect all your daytime activities.

Asthma and allergies can also come about due to sleeping on a bad mattress. Old mattresses contain a lot of dust that has accumulated over time and this triggers asthma. And those mattresses made from cotton wool contain dust mites and several other materials that bring allergies.

Anxiety is another health effect that can be brought about by sleeping on a bad mattress. If you are not getting enough sleep or you are not sleeping well you may become anxious. Lack of enough sleep can also lead to depression.

Another health effect of sleeping on a bad mattress is obesity. Obesity sleeping disorders and obesity itself are attributed to the quality of the mattress one sleeps on. It is worth taking a closer look at this since the lack of enough sleep leads to over eating all through the day in order to increase energy in the body. The overeating, in turn, results in obesity so analyzing your mattress even though it feels fine or perfect is a worthwhile and helpful exercise.

Snoring is also another health effect brought about by sleeping on a poor mattress. If you snore, try sleeping on your stomach, on your back or on your side. A good mattress will let you fall asleep in any position but a bad mattress will leave you sleeping uncomfortable and this causes snoring. And if snoring is not treated, it will cause more serious problems such as sleep apnea which is a sleep disorder that prevents the brain from getting enough oxygen.

If you look closely, it is clear how poor sleeping and poor mattresses can cause serious health problems. All these health problems can be prevented by visiting and selecting a new a high-quality mattress that meets your needs.

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