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The Six Essentials of Web Development

Web designing is a process of learning and practicing that demands time, effort and dedication. It is all about learning, designing, testing, iterating and reiterating! The world of technology is constantly evolving and recent technologies become outdated within no time. If you are an aspiring developer then you need to delve deep into many upcoming technologies including the basic ones. Here we will be discussing the six essential ingredients required to create basic websites:


The Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) is the standard markup language that is used to create the skeletal structure for web pages and web applications. When your browser loads a web page, HTML tells the browser what the page contains by communicating with the browser about the elements embedded HTML right from links, videos, animations, buttons, graphics and pictures. HTML5 is the latest version of the language and is considered as the new standard that most websites follow and with its robust features it is now the preferred language for web development.


Cascade Style Sheets (CSS) files store the information about a web page which tells the browser where the page elements should be placed and how the page should visually look like. CSS3 is the latest version which is equipped to adequately support video streaming and animations. CSS and HTML work hand in hand to align tags and headers into the style designed for the website.


It is a JavaScript library which is fast and concise, intended for rapid creation of interactive web pages. It comes with all the necessary tools you would need to implement a dynamic and interactive website. An interactive website ensures user engagement and retention that boosts conversions and sales.


If you have known Photoshop as only a tool to edit images or design graphics logo then get ready to be surprised! It can even come handy for building your website. It supports many plugins which can be used for web building. Moreover, you can also have a preview of your website designed to fully know what end result should look like. Furthermore, you can design custom fonts in it and avoid conventional fonts in your website to gift uniqueness to your site.

Adobe Illustrator

It is a versatile graphics design tool which can be employed for drafting a web page. With Illustrator, you would have multiple tools at your disposal to help you make the entire website interface quickly and easily. It would not only help you gain a better understanding of how your site would look like but also enable you to put into place the web page using Dreamweaver, which will be discussed next.

Adobe Dreamweaver

It is an easy to use web design suite that helps you realize your creatively crafted web designs with Illustrator or Photoshop design tool. When you paste an image in this program, it automatically generates HTML and CSS snippets. But to avoid unnecessary run-time errors, it is a better practice to write the code yourself and not to go with automatic code generation. It would be even easy for you to revise and re-write your code in the future.
These were just the technologies you must know to design a basic web page. If you want to get your website designed without taking all these pain then entrust any outsourcing website development firm in India and stay assured of an expert and cost-effective solution.

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