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Should You Get an ID Collar for Your Cat?

Cats have an exploratory nature and have a higher chance of straying away from home. A personalized cat necklace ensures they return home. Find out more.

A missing cat can be devastating for the entire family. Pets quickly become a part of the family, and if they get lost, it can be distressing for the pet owners. Ensuring that your cat has an ID can prove highly useful in such a situation, even if you have an indoor cat.

According to a report, over 3.2 million cats find themselves in shelters, and only 5% are returned to their families. Most of these cats are without collar IDs. Getting a personalized collar necklace for your cat is important to ensure your cat is safely returned to you.

Do Cats Need Collar IDs?

Even if you keep your cat inside the house at all times, there is always a chance of them sneaking out of a door or window left ajar. Moreover, there is always a chance of a burglary or a natural disaster that could scare your cat. If someone finds your cat away from home, they are likely to try and find the owner.

Unfortunately, many pet owners neglect to get a personalized collar ID until they are out on the streets looking for their cat. A personalized cat necklace is a great way to signal to others that the cat they found belongs to someone. The ID lets them immediately call the pet owner and inform them their cat has been found.

With a cat name tag, it might be challenging to find the cat, and even when someone finds them, they won’t know who the cat belongs to. Therefore, getting a personalized collar ID for your cat is important for your cat’s safety.

Are Cat ID Necklaces Safe?

Cats tend to squish into tight spaces or leap onto higher shelves. This can result in their collar getting snagged on an object or a bush, increasing the chances of the cat getting hurt. This is why many cat owners fear getting a cat ID necklace for their pets.

However, a study found that injuries from collar IDs represent only 1% of vet visits, and the chance of death due to them is rare. Cats have a much higher chance of injuries or worse from other reasons, like road and fighting incidents.

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) also encourage cat owners to put collar IDs on their pets. They recommend the ones with elastic or magnetic clasp options that can easily come off if it gets trapped or caught on something.

Placing a personalized cat name tag collar ID on your cat is safe and crucial for your cat. However, make sure the collar is not too loose or too tight to ensure the cat’s comfort.

Tips to Find the Perfect Personalized Collar ID

Here are some valuable tips to help you find the right cat name tag for your pet:

  • Go for a collar ID with a breakable or magnetic clasp to make it easier for the collar to spring open in case your cat struggles with it when hiding or leaping.
  • Select the ones that you can get personalized to include the name of your cat and your contact information so someone can give you a call if they find your cat roaming around the streets.
  • Make sure the collar ID fits properly and is comfortable for the cat. The col

    lar shouldn’t be too tight; you should be able to get two fingers under the collar. It also shouldn’t be too loose that it creates a problem for your cat.

  • Do a collar fit check once a month if you have an adult cat and once a week if you have a kitten.

Information to Include in a Cat Tag

Here are some of the details that should be included in the personalized cat tag:

  • Name of the cat
  • Your phone number
  • Your address
  • Any health issues
  • ‘I’m Neutered,’ to discourage thieves hoping to breed cats
  • Any allergies

This information will allow people who find your cat to provide better care to your cat before the cat is returned to you.

Wrapping Up

Cats are curious and will certainly take advantage of an open window or door for a quick look outside. There is nothing wrong with their exploratory nature. However, you should know that cats, especially indoor ones, tend to get spooked easily. When this happens, cats sprint to whatever safe space they can find instead of returning home. As a result, they end up far away from the house.

A personalized collar ID with accurate information can help kind strangers return the cat to their rightful owners. Without the cat ID, getting your furry friend returned home safely can be almost impossible. Therefore, investing in a cat ID necklace is an ideal way to ensure you find your pet.

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