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ShoreTel Dock: The Deskphone For The Mobile Generation

The ShoreTel Dock is the first of its kind. Both deskphone and mobile phone, the Dock is the enterprise-grade phone solution for the mobile generation. This device converts an iPad or iPhone into a desk phone.


The system supports high quality audio over the handset, speakerphone, or headset. Setting up the device in the dock is as simple as plugging it in, which is great because now an iPad can be used just like a phone. No more awkward moments holding a tablet up to your face during a VoIP call.


  • Articulating arm for optimized portrait or landscape orientation.
  • Bluetooth or direct connectivity with 30-pin or Lightning connecter.
  • Charges the mobile device while connected.

The ShoreTel Dock can be combined with ShoreTel Sky’€™s Mobility Client to further enhance VoIP unified communications. This combination allows users to use their iPhone or iPad as their primary business communications device. So you get all the benefits of a deskphone away from the desk: extension dialing, call transfer, conferencing, call hold/retrieve, do not disturb, and directory query.

If the mobile device is your employee’s, used through a bring your own device (BYOD) policy, the Mobility Client allows there to be two numbers on one device. The call records are handled exactly as if the call were from a deskphone: credit goes where credit is due and detailed phone records are kept accurately.

When business calls from a mobile device display a business phone number, not a personal number of an employee, corporate identity is maintained and the employee’s information is kept private. This is essential when maintaining an efficient and responsive workforce.

IT teams are also happy with the Dock because it provides many solutions and answers to the growing concerns of unstable BYOD policies. Issues with security, data usage, and call records are taken care of with the ShoreTel Dock. Unified communications has always been a boon with the IT department, but with the ShoreTel Dock, IT can expand those benefits considerably.

The best part? In the long run, your company can significantly reduce direct dialing and international roaming charges by switching to the best networks automatically and securely, from WiFi to cellular.

Some of you may be wondering why the ShoreTel Dock currently only supports Apple. Well, no other company quite creates consumer demand for technology like Apple. Apple currently holds 42.5% of the U.S. market share for smartphones. Android holds 51.5%, but has so many devices and different software skins and overlays that developing a standard deskphone system for it would be quite difficult. And while Blackberry may have once been THE business mobile device, its market share has plummeted to 1%.

The future of deskphones for the mobile generation is coming this fall of 2013 and it is the ShoreTel Dock.

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I am a marketing professional in business to business communications, especially hosted VoIP.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. myles

    August 18, 2013 at 3:56 pm

    ohh what a great post thanks. 🙂

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