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Shipping IT Equipment Is Rarely A Simple Process

As a technology reseller shipping dual-use goods and controlled-use goods across borders, you must be prepared to present the proper permits and certifications in order for your equipment to be granted entry. Without highly specialized knowledge of the receiving country’s importing and exporting policies, however, this can become an involved process. When your clients overseas are depending on the timely arrival of your shipment, you cannot afford the costs a delay at customs could procure for either them or you.

Even with logistics professionals at your company’s disposal, it’s difficult to know for sure whether you’re arranging all the proper paperwork, especially when shipping to a foreign country for the first time. Additionally, you will require a local importer of record to act as the consignee on these imports.

An Importer of Record understands the different types of permits and documentation that are mandatory for making cross-border transactions successful from country to country. They will be able to obtain, and ensure the accuracy of your commercial invoice, freight delivery waybills with instructions for pick up, any and all customs supporting documentation (certifications, clearance documentation etc.), and your import permits. This alleviates stress on the reseller’s part while also guaranteeing the prompt and compliant arrival of your technology.

When it comes time to partner with an Importer of Record though, consider what additional service they could provide you with. Consider how many countries they hold a point of presence with for example, and what their lead times are. is one global distributions partner that will act not only as your Importer of Record across 136 countries, but retrieve a Value-Added Tax refund for you from 40 of the above countries that offer one. They are recognized for having the best lead times, and for taking a hands-on approach with their service. They not only ensure your goods clear customs, but they offer on-the-ground delivery and freight options (or allow you to use your own delivery service of choice) to see your equipment reaches its destination free of any additional inconvenience.

Their Import Tracker further allows you to follow the progress of your live shipment, and their online portal will enable communication between your company and your service executive who can relay any special requests, and liaise with the team on the ground. Finally, you can pull a landed cost quote from the portal, which will allow you to know exactly what it will cost you upfront.

With international and corporate clients relying on your technology to do business, it’s imperative that you take the necessary precautions to ensure your transaction makes it through. There are many complexities associated with importing dual-use goods like IT equipment (particularly to a country you’re unfamiliar with); choosing a global distribution partner to act as your Importer of Record will save you time, trouble, and eliminate any potential for error that could cause distressing hold ups.

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