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Why Should you Setup WordPress on HTTPS?

It is one year since Google announced that it had started using HTTPS to decide where they can rank a website in the search results. This has made HTTPS to be a lightweight ranking tool that affects up to 1% of the global search queries and it is less effective when compared to the other ranking factors such as high-quality content and mobile-friendly design.

Though the WordPress sites that have been set up on HTTPS are known to get the minor boost in the search engaging ranking, the small boost is known to be of great importance especially when there is a high level of competition in your niche.

One of the major priorities of Google has always been to make HTTPS stronger in order to make the web more secure. Hence, for you to be on the safe side you need to set up your WordPress site on HTTPS today!

Definition of HTTPS

Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure abbreviated as HTTPS refers to a secure version of the standard HTTP that is used by Word Wide Web for data communication. Unlike HTTP, HTTPS makes use of the security protocol Secured Socket Layer (SSL) to come up with a secure connection between the client and the web server. The secure connection will ensure that all the data are safely transmitted between the client and the server ensuring the data remains impervious and confidential to external entities.

You can always spot HTTPS connection by the green padlock icon that will always be visible on the right side just before the sites name in the address bar of the browser. Hence, SSL together with HTTPS will be able to provide great security.

Below are some of the major reasons why you should set up your WordPress site on HTTPS

1. Security

HTTPS will come up with a virtual tunnel between the server and the client to enable data communication. It will ensure that there is no their person who can, corrupt, eavesdrop or modify data during the transfer period. Even attackers won’t have the ability to decrypt data even if they get entry into the channel.

2. Visibility

As it has been mentioned above, Google will always give a small ranking to any WordPress site that uses HTTPS connection. Though it has never been a major ranking factor, Google has promised that it is interested in giving webmasters adequate time to enable them to switch their websites to HTTPS. This means that Google is preparing itself for a major big search algorithm update.

3. Trust

Most website users will never be comfortable in sharing their personal information with sites that never use HTTPS connection. Have you ever seen a green padlock before the name of your website? It indicates that the site can be trusted. It will give the site users more confidence and trust hence, can always share their personal information with ease.

4. Authenticity

This is one of the greatest benefits of sending data using HTTPS. HTTPS will be able to inform the end user that the content delivered has come from a source which has not tampered with in any form.

5. Confidentiality

If the WordPress site has been fully encrypted via HTTPS, the web pages you will be viewing or whatever you are doing can never be visible just to any person who sniffs network traffic.

Requirements for setting up WordPress on HTTPS

The process of moving a WordPress site to HTTPS is straightforward. Below are the most common steps one should follow when moving their WordPress sites from HTTP to HTTPS.

  • Buy an SSL certificate
  • Have SSL installed on your server
  • Configure WordPress to start using HTTPS


Whenever any person thinks about secure connection, the above five points will always come into consideration. However, security and authenticity are the most important ones. For example, when I visit, I expect only what has been sent by the Reddit, nothing more. It does not matter when any person sees what I am reading. However, I will be concerned if there is someone in the middle who is supplying me with false content and putting in the code for an attack.

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Emma is a WordPress developer by profession and Writer hobby. She works for Wordsuccor Ltd, that is one of the best WordPress design and development services based company in the USA. If you need WordPress Developer for hire you can contact us on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Sonia Pitt

    January 4, 2017 at 2:47 pm

    Even SEO is another big factor and especially after Google said in last couple of years that https is going to be ranking signal for certain types of websites and businesses. HTTPS is always recommended to keep one WP site safe, secured and to make the user experience more reliable.

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