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SEO tips for Niche Marketing

Niche markets are enjoying a boom in this digital age, with Forbes reporting that some of the fastest-growing niches are subscription boxes, LED lighting, and organic skincare. Niche marketing appeals because it gives you a bigger ROI on your investment, niche consumers are the perfect ‘word of mouth’ advertisers, and the lower level of competition in your chosen niche makes it easier to establish yourself as an expert in your field. There is one small problem with niche markets in 2020: not all of them are small. Type ‘LED lighting’ into Google search and you will obtain tens of thousands of results. SEO is a vital tool to employ from the very start in your marketing strategy. How can it help you and how can you use it to your best advantage?
Finding the Long Tail
Taking time to research keywords that will match what your target audience is looking for is the first step towards boosting your rankings. One good place to start is with your analytics. In your organic keyword referrals, you will be able to find the search terms that have led users to your site. Review keyword searches over the past year to identify patterns such as the question words being used (what? Why? How?). If you are running a PPC campaign in AdWords, use the Search Query Report function to find all queries that have brought people to your ads. Search out the keywords that are driving both conversions and traffic to make an exhaustive list you can then use in your content.
Creating Content On-Demand
The more select your niche is, the more important it is to be clued into your clients’ demands. Create subscriber lists and regularly run polls and questionnaires by them to determine the type of content they wish to consume. In addition to using email marketing and social media polls for this purpose, you can also do live streams on Instagram or on Facebook and other channels, interacting with and answering questions from your audience. Take down notes and see the way their questions and demands were phrased. These are likely to be the same phrases that similar clients will use while conducting searches.
Refining Your Campaign
As you begin to experiment with new keyword terms and types of content, continually measure everything from your social media following activity right through to the number of times specific pages are clicked on. This will ensure that you are investing time in the right areas. Look into the effectiveness of different types of marketing — like video, blogs, or downloadable reports — and work hard to hone strengths and identify gaps in your weakest areas.
Niche markets are an increasingly growing phenomenon in this age of the Internet of things. Once associated with small startups, these markets now cover industries that are constantly on the rise, including sustainable product and services markets. To stay at the top of your game, spend a long time on defining keywords and phrases. Create strong bonds with your clients and find out the topics, items, and services they are keen to master. Finally, continually review your campaigns, eliminating weak tactics and experimenting with new types of content (both visual and written).

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