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SEO Steps to Take When Launching Your New Website!

Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO is a name given to the activity that attempts to improve search engine rankings. Google displays links to pages it considers relevant and authoritative. The way Google measures authority is by analysing the number and quality of links a web page has from other web pages. So, considering this SEO has become a very important tool for digital marketing companies when it comes to creating a website. SEO is a long-term process and the results are rarely immediate, however when it comes to launching a new website it can have a major influence over the websites potential to rank in Google search for its target keywords and whether it will start bringing in traffic, leads and sales.

So, what’s first when it comes to launching your new website?

As a marketing online agency, we think the best place to start is structure. The structure has a huge effect on your websites ability to rank. In order to rank effectively for your target keywords, each page on your website needs to have its own set of closely related, highly relevant keywords. What this means is that you will need to break down your website’s structure into categories. Each category needs to be aimed at a different search keyword. The benefits of doing this is that it creates a clear theme and set of keywords for each page, this will then allow you to closely target each keyword on each page for its maximum relevance and thus improve its potential organic search visibility.

Next on your to-do list for your new spec website is to make sure each page contains Google-friendly content. This means making sure your website holds only content that engages and helps its users. Research has shown that pages with over 2,000 words of relevant content rank higher in Google search than pages with short, light content. Although it can be time-consuming it does have a proven positive effect on your websites ability to rank in organic search for its keywords. For optimal on page SEO it is good to include your target keywords in your content, but make sure to use them strategically and not overdo it. Googles algorithm is a smart tool that can detect keyword ‘stuffing’ and will quite often lead to your websites keyword ranking getting penalized for it.

Next up is optimizing your title tags for its primary keywords and adding engaging meta descriptions. Your title tags is the piece of text that Google will display as your page title for every search results. It is important that all of your pages have title tags that are optimized for their target SEO keywords. A good, well-written title tag should accurately describe the content of your page while including the main keywords you’re targeting. The meta description is a short snippet of information that appears in your website’s title and URL in Google’s search engine results. It is important to give each page a relevant keyword focused meta description because although they are not a ranking factor on Google they can have a huge effect on your websites click through rate.

Now it’s time to set up a Google Analytics account and add your website to Google’s search console. Google analytics is a free tracking software that lets you monitor how people use your website and how they found it. Google Analytics from an SEO perspective is a great tool for finding ways to further optimise your websites specific keywords. Search Console is Google’s platform for webmasters, in simple terms this means it’s a way for website owners to access data on how the website performs in organic search from the keywords for which it is ranked to its click-through rate and its total impressions. Google Search Console can also flag up any errors which may cause your website to rank lower than it should.

Your final step will be to start reaching out to friends and influencers to build up links, in marketing terms this is known as outreach. A great place to start is reaching out to bloggers and vloggers whose content is relevant to your website. Outreach is a gradual building process, but it will help you appear on Google’s radar and start improving your visibility for keywords that are relevant to your website.

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