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An SEO Practitioner’s Guide to Buying Expired Domains

It can be very puzzling to decide on the best domain to buy simply because there have been a large number of domains that have been bought that seemed to have high page ranks but turned out to be worthless. Therefore, the evaluation of an expired domain to find out its true value becomes very important.

While filtering of expired domains is done on the basis of metrics like PageRank, Majestic SEO Trust Flow, or Moz Domain Authority; it is vital to be aware of the fact that almost everything can be manipulated so you need to look at various metrics instead of relying on only just a single one. Some useful metrics to consider:

Age of the Domain

It is proven that search engines have a distinct preference for older domains since they are more dependable. The page rank and age could be retained if the domain has yet not been dropped. You can look up the WhoIs directory to find out the age of the domain. The age taken into reckoning by the search engine is the date when it was first crawled, and this is a more reliable indicator of the actual age of the domain. Unlike wine you do not have to worry about getting the oldest one possible – the only reason why domains with some years on their clock are preferred is because they have had the time to accumulate adequate Page Rank. However, with Google abandoning the concept of PageRank, there is no point in chasing PageRank values.

Domain Authority by Moz Metrics

Domain Authority is a parameter with values ranging from 0-100 that predicts SERP performance by a website. The value is calculated by the combination of multiple link metrics of Moz into a single value that is measured on a logarithmic scale. The performance prediction is done using machine learning modeling. While the DA value keeps on changing over time due to changing algorithms of Google, it is better not to focus on the absolute values but compare the values obtained by two domain names when you want to buy dropped domains. Similar to the concept of Domain Authority is Page Authority that predicts the ranking performance of a specific webpage; for the site’s home page, the Page Authority should be close to, if not the same, as Domain Authority.

Another useful metric is MozRank that evaluates the quality of backlinks to pages on a scale of 0-10. When there are a number of good quality links on the homepage of a site, it would qualify for a higher MozRank. The total number of backlinks to a domain can also be found by theMoz tool. The index is updated every four weeks and by comparison, you are sure to find Page Ranks not agreeing with Domain Authority, and this is a good indicator that the domain requires further investigation for the reasons of the mismatch. Typically, domains that can be considered for purchase should attain at least a score of 30.

 Majestic SEO Metrics

Majestic SEO has the credit of creating the largest commercial database of links. Crawling billion-plus domains every day, they provide quite a few metrics for the evaluation of expired domains. Citation Flow is a domain value predictor that assigns scores between 0-100 based on site backlinks. Similar to PageRank and Domain Authority, it is a very useful metric to compare different domains.  Domain trustworthiness can be evaluated on a score of 0-100 by Trust Flow. It does this by finding out if the backlinks are from dependable sites; the more of such sites linking to the domain, the higher the trust score. Comprehensive backlink data is provided by Majestic SEO, including links from .gov and .edu sites that are especially favored by Google.


Because of the difference in technology, different tools can show different results and when the variance is large it can be a good reason for you to investigate further. If no specific reason can be found then it is most likely to be a scam and needs to be avoided completely.

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