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SEO and ORM: 2 Sides of a Coin


Most of the companies usually see the Search Engine Optimization and Online Reputation Management as two different activities. Thus, they usually give up one activity over another because of the budget constraints. However, the matter of fact is that both activities are two different sides of a single coin. More elaborately, we may say that by practicing any one activity out of two, you may gain the benefit of another. After the Panda and Penguin update, it has been proven that the SEO activities boost the online reputation. Here are a few tips to gain the online reputation management benefits by applying the SEO strategies.

Content Creation for the Audience

It is an open fact that content plays a major role in the SEO world. The good content gives numerous SEO benefits. The fact to be considered here is that one should write the content for the audience instead o the search engine bots. The time user spends on your web page to read the content is known as the dwell time (name given by the Moz) and that is one of the ranking factors in the Google. So if you write engaging, interesting and informative content, then the user will spend more time reading it. This will increase the dwell time, which will give the ranking benefits in the search engines. This will gain the SEO benefits for your site.

Due to ranking benefits, your website or Blog will rank higher and reflect often on the search engine results. This will play an important part in your Online Reputation Management.

Built Authenticated Backlinks:

After content, one of the important ranking factors in Google is authenticated and trustworthy Backlinks. The Backlinks are like votes to your website that the content and information given on your website it credible. This will work as a positive signal for the search engine, which will provide the ranking and SEO benefits. Though, it is very much important to gain the inbound links for good and creditworthy websites. The low quality or SPAM links may give negative impact, which may lead towards serious penalties. The good links will also gain the loyal user base, which will ultimately play a role in your Online Reputation Management. This is one of the greatest steps towards Online Reputation Management and creating a good rapport in the online world.

List Your Business on Google:

Google has a very good feature of business listing. The businesses may list their details in the Google business places and verify it by the simple steps. This will create listing in the Google. This listing usually works as local business. This gives the SEO and ranking benefits in the local search. For example, if you are a responsive web development company and someone is searching for a local Web Development Company to design a responsive website then your listing will appear on the first page of the Google search result with the additional details. The additional details will contain the company’s brief, working hours, photos, contact details and more. This will give an additional impact to the user. It will also grab his attention to your business and encourage him to give you the priority.

Apart from listing benefits, you will also gain the online reputation benefits. The reason is you will reserve more space than the ordinary search results. The details and information are under control of the owner and thus, no competitor can tamper the information or the online reputation of the company.

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