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Selling An Online Course? These Are The Additional Skills You’ll Need

The global elearning industry is pegged to cross the $325 billion valuation mark in the next five years.

This prediction was made before the pandemic hit and elearning suddenly became the only viable way to learn anything. That, coupled with the sudden availability of time to learn new things in our lives has further accelerated the elearning industry’s growth.

As a result, many of us are feeling motivated to share our own skills with the world, in exchange for a small bite of that $325 billion pie.

While it is a perfectly viable plan, selling an online course demands expertise that goes beyond your core training subjects.

For starters, creating an online course is actually creating an online learning experience.

While this would have required you to learn some serious coding skills, there are now several affordable tools in the market, known as learning management systems, that enable anyone to create an engaging online learning experience that your learners will absolutely love.

For instance, Docebo LMS, a market-leading product has designed its pricing to suit anyone by charging their users on the basis of the number of learners that sign up to their course. This means Docebo LMS pricing will always be affordable, regardless of the number of learners you have.

While tools like Docebo LMS have enabled course creators to treat their learners to a delightful and easy learning experience, selling a course is still a largely manual job.

Here are the skills you will need to successfully market your course in the online realm:

Digital Marketing

This one is a no brainer. The first step to selling a digital course is marketing it on digital channels. From creating a website to building a mailing list, you will be required to execute a number of tasks, at least initially.

Over time, you can utilise tools that automate the processes like email marketing and work with professionals like SEO experts and custom web developers.

Social Media Marketing

One of the most effective ways to sell an online course is setting yourself up as an authority on your subject of expertise and social media marketing is one of the most effective ways to establish your authority.

By sharing tidbits of knowledge in the form of blog posts, original research, webinars, mini-ebooks, and standalone case studies, you can quickly grow your audience of potential learners.

With that said, marketing on social media demands some serious skills and consistent, long-term efforts.

Basic Support Skills

If you are selling an online course, chances are that like many others, you are offering your learners live sessions with yourself, to answer their doubts and queries. Whether you are doing it through video conferencing or through an email, you will need to set up a similar support communication channel for the technical difficulties that your learners may face.

From helping them recover passwords to enabling them to make use of your learning management systems’ features, you must be capable of offering basic technical support to your learners.

It is also a good idea to test out the support of the learning management system you plan on purchasing. This is important because the support team of the LMS will have to be involved if and when a learner comes to you with a complex technical issue.


As an online course creator, you may have to wear several hats. Over time, as your course gains traction and success, you can employ the help of trained professionals. However, until then, it is your job to make sure your course gains traction and success.

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