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Do You Sell High-End Products? You Might Need Marketing Automation

Is your product or service a considered purchase? You know, something big and expensive that people put a lot of thought into before finally committing to the purchase—we’re talking stuff like pools, outdoor kitchens, or even golf carts.

Well, the types of buyers looking for these big ticket items are very careful in their decision making. They require more information from the companies they’re considering and more time to do their research. But, the level of content production needed to win their business also takes a lot of time.

With only 24 hours in the day, how can you even begin to find the time to give your potential buyers the information they need and manage your current clients and check everything else off your ever growing to do list? Well, you can start by automating the majority of your digital marketing efforts.

Before You Try Experimenting with any New Marketing Efforts, You Need to Understand EXACTLY Who Your Buyer is.

Before we start explaining what marketing automation can do for you, you need to understand why you’d ever need it in the first place; this begins with a deep understanding of your average buyer.

Chances are if you’re selling these kinds of upscale products, your typical buyer is a person of good sense, who has worked hard and made smart decisions and they are ready to reward themselves with the lifestyle they have been dreaming of.

The challenge is that these people do not spend money unwisely, and will spend a good chunk of time planning and researching before choosing a vendor to work with. Because of this, it is absolutely essential that you catch them right as they’re starting their search, then continue to build trust throughout their entire buyer’s journey.

You need to have content READY when for when your potential buyers start their research process, are trying to educate themselves on potential options, and for when they’re ready to make a decision and need to commit to the right company or vendor. This content includes:

  • Thorough website pages
  • Blog articles
  • Up-to-date social media profiles
  • Opt-in email newsletters
  • Videos
  • White papers
  • eBooks
  • and more!

But how can you possibly begin to educate and nurture each and every single lead you get when you have so much else that needs to be taken care of?

Let Marketing Automation do the Work for You

If you’re having a hard time juggling sales calls to potential new customers, open projects with current clients, traditional marketing efforts like print ads and TV commercials, and digital marketing efforts like email newsletters and blogging, marketing automation can enable you to automate many of processes that make online marketing so overwhelming. From blog publishing to email campaigns to social publishing, a good marketing automation platform will integrate all of those tasks seamlessly.

You’ll be able to establish logic and create workflows that will nurture your website visitors and leads long before they decide to purchase from you—allowing you to build trust from the very first point of contact.

Put Your Most Time- and Resource-Consuming Tasks on Autopilot

A great marketing automation platform will allow you to:

  • Set monthly goals to track your progress
  • Monitor blog, landing page, email, and social media performance
  • Schedule a week’s worth (or more) of social messages all at once, schedule blog articles to publish before you even get to work in the morning, schedule landing pages to go live on the start date of your upcoming promotion… basically schedule everything
  • Set up social media streams that will allow you to monitor mentions of your brand, product, or industry
  • Pre-write a series of emails that will automatically send after a site visitor performs a certain task like filling out a form or downloading an offer
  • Use “smart content” that automatically adjusts to show content to visitors based on their country, device type, referral source, preferred language, contact list membership, or lifecycle stage
  • Set up tracking links for PPC campaigns to monitor performance

And so much more!

So, is Marketing Automation Right for You and Your Buyers?

Your marketing goal is not to sell a product, but to inspire your buyers and help the product sell itself. Fortunately, we live in an age where technology offers possibilities marketers never had before. If you’re interested in providing exclusive, personalized, and quality service not only to your customers, but also to website visitors that can eventually become paying customers, marketing automation may be the way the most efficient way for you to do it.

But because of the long consideration time, you have to be willing to be patient. If you don’t rush people or apply unwelcome sales pressure, your efforts will pay off in the form of qualified traffic and lead generation.

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