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Search Engine (SEO) Marketing Strategies for Doctors

SEO marketing has forever changed how businesses survive online and how they market to their target audiences. The whole process is much more narrowed, and defined, and if executed right, can almost always earn them back ROI. Doctors promoting their medical services need to do the same to reach the thousands of patients sitting online waiting for a medical business to reach out to them.

It is fundamental for your medical site to rank on the main page of Google. How to achieve that? Easy, by implementing SEO marketing strategies. By following SEO marketing strategies, you will lay down the foundation for your site to expand its exposure in terms of getting patient traffic. To learn about the best fail-proof SEO marketing strategies, read below.

To Begin, Make Sure You Know Where Your Site Stands

Before you start blindly implementing SEO marketing strategies, you need to conduct a systemic analysis that will determine where your medical site stands on the internet. Doing so will give a very clear insight into where it needs work and what can be improved from an SEO perspective.

You can start this analysis by conducting a keyword ranking test. You can use Keyword Rank Checker, which is an online tool that you can use to determine your medical site’s ranking depending on your keyword search. The lower the ranking is, the more SEO strategies your site needs.

5 Fail-Proof Search Engine (SEO) Marketing Strategies For Doctors

The five below SEO marketing strategies can turn your site’s low rankings into ones that will gain more patient traffic and bring it to the top of your SERPs.

Extensive Keyword Research for Local SEO

Your medical keywords are the foundation of your local SEO for doctors. The more strong and competitive they are, the higher your medical site is going to rank. There are a lot of well-known keyword research and ranking tools out there that can conduct proper keyword research for you and show you where they rank on the internet.

These thoroughly researched and ranked keywords then must be used to their full potential as separate content pages on your site. They can be included in your page titles, meta descriptions, alt-image descriptions, and even in your URLs.

Dynamic Content Marketing Strategy

Medical content and its SEO are two peas in a pod. Execute one perfectly and the other is automatically impacted by it. However, to ensure both your SEO and content’s success, you must find a balanced strategy that works well for both.

When searched, there are 64+ types of content that you can incorporate on your medical site. While the main ones consist of videos, infographics, blogs, and podcasts, no hard and fast rule says you cannot go creative with them. To incorporate SEO into it, you must enrich it with your keywords and make sure it is optimized when you put it up on your site.

Website Image Optimization

Long gone are the days when what was considered a functioning site was just plain old articles. Now, as per Google’s advancement in its site ranking algorithm, a good site must have graphically interactive elements such as images and videos.

Image optimization is in itself an SEO marketing strategy. Images play a vital part in improving your patient’s site experience. Make sure you put up at least 3-4 images on each page for your site. Image optimization mainly consists of:

  • Image description.
  • Optimizing alt attributes.
  • Choose image dimensions and angles.
  • Determining the correct size of images.
  • Optimizing thumbnails.
  • Using image sitemaps.

Ample Internal Linking

Internal links are a significant part of your site’s ranking. They build up a data progression for your site and assist Google with getting a more in-depth understanding of the medical content on your site. Incorporating organic internal links is a small yet effective SEO strategy from high-ranking pages on your site to pages that need a lift. You can likewise use SEMrush to fix the faulty links on your site.

Introduce Keywords In URLs

A site’s URL structure is often a neglected part of its SEO. Though often neglected as it may be, its importance is unquestionable. Google itself describes a URL structure to be straightforward with its page’s defining words instead of long ID numbers. However, to make it more in touch with SEO, incorporate your keywords in it. If your site’s URL structure has your page’s core keywords in it, it is automatically optimized.

Implementing SEO Marketing Strategies Are Salient For Doctors

For your medical site to rank among the mega-healthcare businesses online, it needs SEO with carefully thought-out marketing strategies. Try to invest energy in the basics of strong SEO strategies as mentioned above instead of going over the complicated ones. If you manage to nail even the essentials of SEO down, you’ll see a major difference in your site’s ranking and flow of patient traffic.

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