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Scrivener 2: A Useful Tool for Writers and Researchers


Writing projects such as screenplay, novel and business-related papers takes a long time. Commonly, writers use Microsoft Word to finish their projects. However, Word has limitations even if it has legacy features and undergoes continual refinement. With this in mind, the developers from Literature and Latte created Scrivener 2.

What is Scrivener 2 and how does it work?

It is the better version of Scrivener. It is a word processor that is more refined, simple and versatile. The tool works by allowing users to collect research sources. It also allows users to create, manipulate and compile chunks and fragments of texts to produce a cohesive manuscript. The best thing about it is that it supports different types of file format such as the traditional PDF or Word document and the more exotic ones like ePub, Final Draft (this is used for scripts) and MultiMarkdown.

How does the new Scrivener look like and what are its functions?

The central interface of Scrivener 2 has metadata in the Inspector which is right aligned, text hierarchy in the Binder which is left-aligned, stats and scene synopsis that foregrounds the manuscript in the editor. Apparently, the central interface looks similar to that of Storyist. However, it has a simpler leaves in its Binder. It only has three which are the Draft, Research and Trash. You only have to use the plus button if you want to add texts to Drafts. On the other hand, you only have to drag items down or up to arrange the hierarchy and order. You can also create groups of texts or documents by dragging them onto one another.

The Scrivener 2 version for Mac is rich in features. It has the usual templates like Novel, Poem, Screenplay and Short Story. It also has eclectic ones such as BBC Radio Scene Style, Comic Script, Undergraduate Humanities Essay and Recipe Collection. You can also have access to exhaustive documentation which is found in the Project Templates. It includes Youtube Video Tutorials, User Manual and 540-page Interactive Tutorial.

What are its other capabilities?

Aside from its document manager which is very powerful, it also a word processor that is very capable of processing Word Documents. It is capable of key functions like entering metadata, keywords and synopses, assigning labels and statuses, and adding comments and footnotes. These are easily done using the Inspector. Researchers and fiction writers can also enjoy the clever features such as the Name Generator and Scrivener Scratch Pad. The Name Generator is has edit and writing tools which can be used by novelists to generate names through obscurity, alliteration and gender. On the other hand, researchers can access the “Emend” or “Add” Drafts function from the Scratch Pad if they are working from a web browser.

Is Scrivener useful for small to medium-size business owners and employees?

Definitely, the tool is also useful and beneficial for business people. As mentioned, it is a good tool for doing researches. As we know, there are a lot of researches like market research that must be done to help businesses improve their operation. It is also great for documents that need collaboration. Employees working on the same document can easily leave their comments and share suggestions.

Small businesses that use hosted PBX can further optimize Scrivener 2 by integrating it in the communication system. With this, there is a much easier and faster exchange of ideas and information.

In general, what are its pros?

Scrivener 2 is inexpensive. It can be availed at $45 on Amazon. It is also flexible and has a simple drag-and-drop import which allows users to use it very easily. It is great for researchers and fiction writers as it has innovative features. It also allows for generous documentation which is great as no information or data will get lost. Lastly, it can produce everything using Compiler.

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