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Role of Fall Protection Anchor Points at Construction Sites

Fall protection is a mechanism to prevent or decrease the damages, which might occur with the worker at the construction site. It is a protection mechanism and is used in highly hazardous construction sites. Someone wearing a jacket with harness is not an example of fall protection, it is a lot more than that. Anchor points in the fall protection mechanism are the basis of the whole mechanism, it plays a great role in protecting the life of workers.

Uses of Fall Protection Anchor Points at Construction Sites:

1. Protection: The main use of a fall protection anchor point is to protect the workers from fatal accidents. It protects a worker who works at high altitude at work site. It minimizes the risk of falling from a great height. This mechanism is mostly used in construction sites when someone is working at great heights or is working over a chemical vat. Installing a permanent fall protection anchor point system is recommended, as it provides more stability and protection as compared to the temporary one.

2. Covers Large Working Space: The number of anchor points required for the purpose is dependant on the location and type of the construction site. Supposedly, if a larger area has to be covered, then installation of a couple of fall protection anchor point is required. Moreover, if the number of workers is higher, then more anchor points are required for their protection. Installing several fall protection points is needed to cover a large area. Moreover, it is affordable.

3. Installing The Roof: Fall protection is needed during the installation of the roof of a building. Using fall protection anchor points are needed for putting down a ready-made roof as well as provide mobility to the workers for fitting it. Equipment such as roof monitor and standalone rails is used to facilitate the process. Suitable communication devices are used so that the engineer can communicate with the workers working on the anchor points. So, while installing a roof or similar structure then fall protection anchor points plays a great role.

4. Installation of Ladders: Fall protection mechanism is essential during the installation of ladders at a certain height. Workers are needed to work at a certain height to install the ladders, for that having a permanent fall protection anchor point is a must. The number of anchor points required depends on the number of HVAC workers covering the process of installation. Maintaining a 4:1 extension is required along with maintaining a height of at least 4 feet above the ground is essential.

5. Installing Sheds And Hazardous Machines: During the installation of sheds and hazardous machine, using fall protection points are must and should be regulated by construction companies. Usually, a couple of fall protection anchor points are required during the installation of sheds, as the HVAC workers have to cover a large area. It not only provides a safe working space but also helps the workers to cover up the installation at a rapid pace due to increased mobility.

In case of hazardous machines, it is a must to have anchor points on the site, as it provides better protection to the workers. There is certain equipment, which provides better mobility, but they are not as safe as anchor points. Some of the places where it is utilized are chemical vats, furnaces, boilers, etc.

So, these are some of the most important roles of fall protection anchor points in a construction site. Workers who risk their lives to do the jobs that others avoid to do should at least be rewarded with equipment, which at the end of the day can save their precious lives.

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