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Role of Artificial Intelligence in Social Media

Artificial Intelligence is a new trend in the world of advertisement and recommendations.  It is effective at making an impact on social media to allow businesses efficiently discover, engage, and learn from their followers.

There are many ways of summarizing Artificial Intelligence; one of which is a Social Artificial Intelligence, which enables one to collect and select user-generated content, and data from social media channels through customer history. This allows them to generate relevant content and as a result, vouches for a better user experience for the followers.

Now-a-days, Social Networks invest in Social AI Technologies. Many brands have yet to turn to social AI to engage their audiences, target new customers, and analyse huge volumes of social data collected in the process.

The association of AI with marketing mediums, such as social media, is gradually proving to be one of the major advancements in the field of digital marketing.

How AI is changing the social media marketing scenario?

There is a need to maintain good and healthy balance between Human Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence.

On some grounds, machine do better than humans and on some, humans outperform the machines. Using Artificial Intelligence in social media will give businesses a better understanding of the digital market.

Social AI has the ability to provide, overall, a better social experience. The social network has already incorporated Artificial Intelligence as part of the platform in many innovative ways, from facial recognition to customized news feeds.

How Artificial Intelligence is being applied in social media?


LinkedIn uses machine learning algorithms to offer a better job-candidate match, creating a just environment for both the parties.

LinkedIn uses this to rate candidates for companies based on prior hiring patterns, location, past work experience and job descriptions.


Pinterest can identify object recognition to boost pins, and product recommendations, ensuring that only the relevant information reaches you.

This, paired with Pinterest’s Visual Graph, allows for image and search recognition, based on user-specific information.


Automation is a powerful way to connect with prospects. In a way, it allows one to manage time effectively, which humans lack at. Simply put, humans have limits, unlike machines. Chatbots provide faster customer service resolution, as well as optimum support, based on previous experiences with customers and also the immediate response.

Facebook as well has introduced Chatbot in its chat messenger. It uses pre-requisite data to start a conversation with clients and steers it into the right direction using its response-based logic.

Facebook Facial Recognition

Facebook has been at the forefront of what AI can do for social media by incorporating a variety of AI technologies that continuously improve the overall experience for its users.

Through years of Research & Development, it has developed a facial recognition utility that facilitates tagging a person in a picture on Facebook. It then uses, its artificial intelligence algorithms to come up with user-specific offers and deals for the person.


The potential of AI & its application in business, marketing & sales is seemingly vast. It is currently one of the most advanced tools in the field of digital marketing that can take your business to new heights in no time.

It has certainly changed the way we consume information on internet & social media, and it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to say it will change the world in near future.

This article is written by AI company USA, service providers in retail, banking and finance, e-commerce, health care, marketing and sales, telecommunication, and  Artificial Intelligence Applications USA.

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I am a Digital Marketing Executive at FuGenX Technologies. FuGenX is a CMMi Level 3 company. It is one of the reputed Mobile app development companies UAE. It is a world’s leading Technology Services provider, specialized in Mobile Application Development, Game, Web development.

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