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Review: Twelve South Forte for iPhone 12, 13 and 14

If you’re looking for a wireless charging stand for your iPhone 12 or newer, look no further than the Twelve South Forte.

Forte is a wireless charging stand for the iPhone 12 or newer. It magnetically holds your phone vertically or horizontally for hands-free operation. It has a swivelling top that can be tilted to the ideal viewing angle or completely flat to serve as a charging pedestal for your AirPods. The white base and dove grey post go with any colour iPhone 12, 13, and 14, as well as any colour case.


  • It works with the MagSafe Charger to provide the quickest wireless charging possible.
  • Tilts the iPhone 70 degrees in portrait or landscape mode.
  • Use as AirPods pedestal charger.
  • A MagSafe charger (not included) that is simple to insert and remove.


  • Easy and convenient to assemble
  • Offers a variety of viewing choices
  • You can use your iPhone in landscape or portrait mode.
  • The charging head flips up to charge the AirPods wirelessly.


  • Magsafe charger not included.


Inside its box is the Twelve South Forte base, a holder for the MagSafe charger, a screw to secure the holder to the base, an Allen wrench, and an owner’s handbook. The base has a length of 4.5 in., a width of 3.27 in., and a height of 5 in. upon putting the Twelve South Forte for iPhone and MagSafe together. The entire package weighs nearly a pound, making it easy to move about various locations. It has a solid MagSafe stand with a magnet that holds the iPhone tightly, making it impossible for your device to fall.

Comfort of Usage

You cannot do much with your iPhone when it’s flat on your MagSafe charger. But the Twelve South Forte has brought about using the Magsafe charger flexibly and conveniently. Forte’s top tilts 70 degrees to provide the ideal viewing angle. You can also choose landscape and portrait orientation for your phone, making it easy to stream your favourite shows and attend zoom meetings or FaceTime. One great thing about Forte is that you can quickly detach your MagSafe puck to take with you when travelling, and it is highly adjustable.

The Ideal Charging Station for Airpods

The Forte top can be tilted to a 90-degree angle to offer an ideal level platform for charging AirPods and AirPods Pro. Simply place your AirPods case on Forte, and the wireless charging magnet does the rest.

Fastest Charging Performance

Forte provides the greatest MagSafe experience possible, including the quickest wireless charging and hands-free iPhone magnetic support. This provides 15W of power, making it the fastest wireless charging option for an iPhone.

How to Set Up Your Twelve South Forte

After you assemble Forte, you must input your MagSafe charging puck. It fits right into the top, with the chord protruding from the bottom. It then wraps around the back and down the charging stand’s neck. Make careful to provide enough slack for the top to swivel upwards. It will not spin if it is too tight.

The MagSafe puck is held in place by a silicone ring around the inside of Forte’s mount, which is easily removable. This is significantly superior to some of the alternatives, which use adhesives that are nearly impossible to remove.


Price at the point of writing this review: £49.95

Available exclusively from Apple.

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