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Remote Control Monster Truck: Everything You Need to Know

If you are into RC motorsports, you have already heard of monster truck racing events and their elaborate rules. Among the most popular types of RC racing events, monster truck racing is the most sought-after. The difficult terrains and the powerful monster trucks racing through the off-road tracks make this type of racing the most exciting of all.

The vehicles like the Grave Digger RC monster truck are designed for off-road racing and can reach high speeds, making for some truly exhilarating races.

If you are looking to get into the RC monster truck scene or want to learn more about these trucks, then read on! This blog will cover everything you need to know about these RC trucks.

What Are RC Monster Trucks?

An RC monster truck is a radio-controlled vehicle designed for off-road racing. These trucks are typically larger than regular RC cars and come equipped with larger tires and more powerful motors. It makes them perfect for tackling any terrain, whether mud, sand, or snow.

Popular Types of RC Monster Trucks

There are various types of RC monster trucks available on the market. Some of the most popular styles include:

Buggy-style RC Monster Trucks

These trucks are characterized by their truck and buggy-style design (also known as a Truggy) and are suitable for racing on off-road terrain. Their buggy-style hybrid design makes them lightweight and agile. It allows them to navigate through rough terrain with ease.

Additionally, buggy-style RC monster trucks typically have oversized tires and powerful motors.

Some popular buggy-style RC monster trucks:

  • HPI Savage Flux
  • ARRMA Granite BLX
  • Team Associated RC10T4.3
  • Traxxas Stampede

Short Course RC Monster Trucks

These trucks are designed to ride short courses, such as those found at RC tracks. These trucks are typically smaller than buggy-style RC monster trucks and have smaller tires and less powerful motors. They are perfect for navigating tight turns and corners.

Top picks for Short course RC monster trucks:

  • HPI Savage Flux
  • ARRMA Granite BLX
  • Traxxas Stampede

Stadium Truck RC Monster Trucks

These trucks are designed for racing on larger tracks, such as stadium-style tracks. The larger tires and more powerful motors make them perfect for tackling any terrain, whether mud, sand, or snow.

Some popular choices of Stadium truck RC monster trucks:

  • Traxxas Rustler
  • HPI Nitro MT2 G3.0
  • Team Associated RC8T3.1e
  • ECX Ruckus
  • Losi LST XXL

True Monster Trucks

The other trucks we’ve talked about are monster-truck-like, but not true RC monster trucks.  RC monster trucks are often more raised and on larger wheels than their other RC truck counterparts.  They can climb over obstacles, just like real monster trucks.

Some of the popular choices of RC monster trucks:

  • Losi Grave Digger
  • Axial Grave Digger

What Are The Benefits Of RC Monster Trucks?

There are many benefits to owning an RC monster vehicle like a Grave Digger RC monster truck.

  • These trucks are a ton of fun! They provide an adrenaline rush that any other type of RC vehicle can’t match.
  • RC monster trucks are great for teaching kids how to drive. The large size of these trucks makes them easy to control, and the powerful motors ensure that they can handle any terrain.
  • They are perfect for racing. Nothing is more thrilling than watching a massive truck fly across a treacherous course at high speed.

What Features To Look For When Buying An RC Monster Truck?

When purchasing an RC monster truck, you should keep a few things in mind.

  • Design: Make sure that the truck is designed for off-road racing. Not all trucks are created equal, and some are better suited for on-road driving than others.
  • Terrain: Decide what type of terrain you want to race on. This will dictate the type of tires and suspension you need.
  • Size: Consider the size of the truck. Some people prefer smaller trucks that are easier to control, while others like larger trucks that can pack more power.
  • Power: Make sure that the truck has a powerful motor. It is essential for tackling rough terrain.

In conclusion, RC monster trucks are extremely exciting. They make for the perfect gift to anyone who enjoys playing with RC toys. They are also easy to use and thus can be given to children of the appropriate age as well. However, it is always wise to be cautious and guide the young ones on how to control the truck and monitor their use closely.

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