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How to Remain Mobile in Today’s World

There are many different factors that can affect our mobility, such as age, surgery or an injury. We could lose our mobility in a blink of an eye, yet we often take it for granted. However, if you do happen to be suffering from something that affects your mobility, there are many things you can do to remain mobile, and there are many new advances in today’s world that can greatly help you regain your mobility.

Here are just a few ways you can remain mobile in today’s world.

Choose the proper mobility aid. You do not have to go around hobbling on crutches or strapping those tennis balls to a walker anymore. There are so many more innovations that can help you out.

You could use a knee scooter, which is a new alternative to crutches that allows you to rest your injured leg on the scooter. There are also motorized wheelchairs and scooters that have all the latest advancements in maneuverability and efficiency. If you want to opt for easy and simple, you could opt for a walking cane. They have many new features to choose from to help you pick the best one to fit your needs. They also have ones that fold for easy transport and storage.

Limit the excess. There is so much stuff in our lives that many people’s homes are overflowing with excess. This excess is a trip hazard and can make maneuvering a wheelchair or scooter nearly impossible.

The best way to ensure that you can move freely in your living space without tripping or falling is to eliminate these hazards. You need to eliminate all the excess. Whatever you do not use should be packed away, thrown away, recycled or donated to someone who could use it. You should start in one room and move to the next. Remove any excess and reorganize the leftovers to ensure that you can easily move around the room. You will find that once it is easier to move around your home, you will in fact be able to once again move around your home.

Exercise. Remember the saying that an object at rest stays at rest and an objection in motion stays in motion. Nothing could be more true. A regular exercise schedule is an important factor in staying mobile.

Exercise promotes a healthy lifestyle, which includes staying at a healthy weight, heart health, stronger bones and muscles and can even protect your memory. Many types of exercise are also known to improve your balance, coordination and flexibility. All of these are important factors in remaining mobile and also recovering from injuries and surgeries. You do not have to go all out in your fitness routine. Have fun with it. You can play a sport you like, go for a swim, try yoga, take a dance class or simply walk your dog around the park. If you need to, you can invite a friend to keep you on track.

Watch your diet and stay hydrated. A healthy diet is an integral part of maintaining your mobility. It can give your body the nutrients necessary to keep your bones, muscles and mind in tip-top shape. A healthy diet will also ensure that you are a healthy weight, which can alleviate any unnecessary stress on your bones and muscles.

Staying hydrated also plays an important role in your mobility. You need the proper amount of water (64 ounces a day) to ensure your body is in the best shape. Staying hydrated will help regulate your blood pressure, stimulate your digestion, boosts your energy, helps you remain alert and can flush nasty bacteria from your body. It is an easy decision for anyone wanting to maintain their mobility.


There are many things out there that can make you lose your mobility; however, there are also many ways to fight or fend off these things. Staying proactive and planning properly will help you prevent many problems associated with age or the risk of injury in the future. You should stay prepared, but you should not worry too much because with new advancements coming out every year and the proactive steps you take today, you could remain mobile for most if not your entire life.

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