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Reasons to Use Good Quality Nickel Copper Wire

The nickel copper wire is becoming very popular these days in the manufacture of electrical goods. This is because nickel copper wire enjoys many advantages over regular copper wires and finds a lot of use in both manufacturing and electrical industries. These wires are covered with concentric nickel plating. They are basically copper wires which are known to have high corrosion resistance and work as excellent conductors of both electricity and heat.

nickel copper

Benefits of using nickel copper wire

Amongst the many benefits of using nickel copper wires, the most important is of course the fact that they are great thermal and electrical conductors. Besides, they also have many inherent mechanical properties. For instance, the high grade copper wire is able to effectively cut down high frequency loss and can guarantee superior performance and better results. The nickel plated copper wire is found in diameters ranging from 0.030mm to 0.500mm (AWG 48 – 24) and have self-bonding enamels.

Uses of copper nickel wires

They can be used for high corrosion resistance, for applications with both thermal and chemical demands, for Litz wires and High Frequency applications. Copper has been the preferred metal in electrical industries because it is highly ductile and a great conductor of heat and electricity. With coating of nickel on them, copper wires become even more valuable and useful. The results are more spectacular because nickel possesses many properties being a transition metal. Nickel is both ductile and hard; this is also why nickel has been used extensively for making alloys. The mix of nickel and copper in nickel plated copper wires is therefore very effective for making electrical devices which demand a lot of stability and reliable performance.

How are nickel copper wires produced?

The bare nickel copper wire is produced by making a copper ore and covering it with concentric nickel plating. This nickel plating helps to make the wire highly resistant to corrosion. Its unique mechanical properties make it suitable for specific industrial requirements. There is however only few manufacturers that produce nickel copper wires by adhering to this process and by offering superior materials.

How to get companies that manufacture nickel copper wires

You should do some research on companies claiming to produce these wires before buying from them. You can read online reviews about their products and go through customer feedbacks. The company you choose should be able to deliver only genuine products that have been tested. In case you cannot find what you are looking for, the company should be open to answering your queries regarding this product. You should be able to consult them for your wiring needs at any time. In this way, finding a reputed quality supplier of nickel copper wiring should not be difficult. You should also compare their prices with those offered by their competitors to get the best deals. However, settling for a product merely on the basis of a low price is not advisable since there should be no compromise on quality of wiring for electrical goods.

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  1. Muskaan

    August 12, 2015 at 7:58 am

    Very informative article. and completely agree with you that one should be careful while buying nickel copper wires from any manufacturer if don’t want to end up with bad deal and low quality metal.

  2. Cari

    April 16, 2016 at 1:11 pm

    Last Friday i went to market for copper wire, I’ve noticed a lot of ads or shops carrying tinned copper wire. So what exactly is the benefit of tinned wire as opposed to bare copper cable or nickel plated wire?

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