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Reasons to Become a Certified Scrum Master in 2019

If your job post is anywhere related to project management or software development, taking a certified scrum master course is something that will add more to your competencies and proficiencies seamlessly. Having a scrum master certificate in 2019 can upgrade your level in the domain of information technology.

Considering how companies and enterprises are adopting scrum framework to enhance their speed, collaboration, and communication; an experienced and certified scrum master is what they’d require to handle complex projects.

So, here are some of the reasons that state why you should choose this course in 2019. Read ahead and know more about it.

Acquire the skills and principles of Scrum 

If you are new to scrum master course, or any kind of Agile framework – for that matter – taking this course can help you obtain knowledge and skills of this domain. Even if you have already implemented scrum before, having a certificate will provide you with a chance to hone your skills and overcome hassles, specifically the ones related to handling large teams.

It will provide you with the necessary motivation and confidence that will let you implement scrum across a variety of departments. A certification course will establish a sturdy knowledge base on this subject. And then, having a certified will also bridge the gap between scrum and professionals. To clear this exam effectively, you will have to learn every factor of it, which will add more to your information.

Once you have procured the certificate, you will be specialized in a variety of skills, like:

  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Prompt response to issues
  • Better product quality
  • Lesser defects
  • Effective team structure
  • Flexible working strategy
  • Real-time feedback

Sometimes, companies upgrade their skills to scrum methodology and you may not have any idea regarding how to handle things. In such a scenario, having a certificate will help you tremendously. And, you will be able to provide better output for your company.

Change your mindset 

Until or unless you don’t your mindset is not trained according to your work approach, creating appropriate outcome will be nothing but a difficult task. And, if this happens, it can be a great setback in your professional life. Of course, no company requires only hard-workers. On the contrary, the need for smart-thinkers is higher than before. Hence, to showcase your potential, not just you should invest your manpower in projects but your intellectual skills as well.

Therefore, one of the considerable benefits that you can gain from a certified course is the complete transformation of the mindset. Scrum is one such agile methodology that necessitates an agile mindset in order to make effective use of it. Hence, one of the most essential ingredients to achieve a successful and self-sustaining agile approach is to develop a similar mindset. That’s exactly what companies require while hiring a scrum master.  

With adequate training and certificate, your relevant mindset will not just help in growing the company but will also ingrain your colleagues and your boss. Talking from a team’s perspective, having a certificate training will allow you to think in an agile way. This, in turn, will result in fewer differences, better team unity, and more efficaciously completed projects.

Stay ahead of your career  

Regardless of the field, you work in, having a relevant certification is a great way of proving your skills to your colleagues, managers, and employers. With considerable developments in the technology, organizations are migrating to an agile domain; hence, they are always on the look-out for experienced professionals.

A certificate will show them that you do understand the provided field and have even passed an exam with flying colours. Once the certificate has been presented, there will be no remaining doubt when it comes to judging your potential.

A scrum master certification can expand career opportunities across any kind of organization that adheres to practices of agile. Having a certificate also shows that you have an agile mindset along with an abundance of agile knowledge. Hence, your chances of staying ahead in your career will always be higher than that of your competitors or colleagues.

One single certificate can open innumerable doors for you and that too, in the most unimaginable ways. It will not just make you relevant but marketable in your operating industry as well. With the right skills obtained through certified training, you will be able to help your organization achieve goals and value their customers without facing any significant hassles.

Work better with your peers  

Organizations out there do consider making their employees undergo a different type of scrum certification. Usually, this creates a positive effect on the organization as a whole and lets the entire team work effectively with their peers.

Therefore, keeping this in mind, another potential benefit that you can get from a Scrum Master certificate is the positive effect when it is about working with peers and colleagues. If you wish to, you can even get this certificate along with the people you work with so as to create and reinforce a similar understanding and vocabulary of the scrum. It will help provide something unique and different to your business and the organization you work in.

To tell you the truth, every scrum instructor differs in their teaching style. Despite that, even if you are not taking a similar scrum course as that of your colleagues, you will still manage to gain a lot of benefits. You can focus on certain aspects of the scrum and let your peers concentrate on different aspects. Hence, in this way, you will get to establish a balance.

In the end, you will get to use your collected knowledge for a better understanding of Scrum and the relevant agile methodology.

Scrum Master certification benefits your organization

There is no denying the fact that adopting a new and advanced methodology is a huge deal for any organization as it can impact the entire business, including employees, processes, clients, and the management aspect. Owing to this, it will be nothing but essential for every stakeholder that you obtain some tangible and real benefits without spending a lot of time on it. With repeatable & predictable release schedules, managing teams with scrum are surely going to be a shiny part.

Earlier, to maintain the software productiveness, organizations used to launch a new product every two or three years. However, since the requirements have evolved, and customers are always looking for something new, organizations are trying to keep the releases frequent and speedy. To remain at the top of the competition, organizations cannot wait for two or three years to launch something innovative and unique.

If you are a certified professional, your organization will find it worth to invest in your agile methodology. In this way, you will be able to benefit your organization to a great extent. Because of the necessity of the organization, achieving a scrum master certification will provide you with an upper-hand in every aspect of your professional life.


In the present scenario, a majority of organizations are adopting scrum to evolve their processes, enhance inter-departmental interaction, gain stable feedback of the customer, and organize work adequately. Having a certificate will help you take more well-informed decisions and lead your team successfully. And then, scrum master training will also help you make the most out of accessible technologies and tools to save both money and time.

With these benefits mentioned-above, hope the importance of scrum master certificate will be clear to you. So, now, without taking much time, start your Scrum master certified training now and make sure you provide utmost benefits to your organization.

Author Bio: Poonam Srinivasan is the Technical Editor of Poonam has a passion for helping people to solve all their problems related to technology and recruitment from last 4 years.

Written By

Poonam Srinivasan is the Technical Editor of Poonam have a passion for helping people to solve all their problems related to technology and recruitment from last 4 years.

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