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Reasons Why PHP and Symfony are Selected for Development

PHP frameworks provide a basic structure for website development and for different web services development to developers, which helps in streamlining the process which otherwise becomes monotonous at times. These frameworks promote rapid application development (RAD), which in turn provides stable applications, reduces the time spent on developing them and the repetitive coding. The frameworks are also helpful for beginners as they can build more stable apps with better database interaction and coding on the presentation layer.

Symfony is a PHP framework that gives the same benefits with respect to flexibility and stability as mentioned above. It has a directory structure, where there are five directories by default. These directories are app, bin, vendor, web, and src. The directory structure of Symfony makes coding a breeze and that is the reason why developers are using it extensively. Other reasons/benefits are discussed below.

Structure – The structure of PHP is based on the Model View Controller (MVC), where Model refers to data; View refers to the presentation layer and Controller to business logic or application. As an architectural pattern in programming, MVC helps in isolating the User Interface from the business logic so that each of them can be modified separately. With the development process of the application broken into different parts, it is easier for developers to work on individual elements with the other elements remaining unaffected. In other words, this makes coding in PHP less complicated and much faster.

Stability – This is a very big reason, why PHP framework is used by developers. As a scripting language, PHP is fairly easy and that is the reason why beginners could make erroneous programs without realizing their mistakes. This could be a serious threat to the project as security loopholes in the program could make it susceptible to attacks. The PHP frameworks provide them the stability of showing up errors and even the loopholes that might be otherwise created.

Flexibility – The PHP frameworks are flexible and can be used by beginners as well as senior coders. This flexibility helps them in coding programs that are simple as well as complex. Programmers can use different frameworks to complete their tasks but the choice should depend upon the requirement of the project, ease of use, popularity, interaction capability with other frameworks and support.

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