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Real Time Customer Information: Omni-channel vs Multi-channel Point of Sale

Businesses rely on customers. Advances in technology make it easier to meet your customer’s demands, and one of the demands your customers will make is a unified shopping experience, whether using a brick and mortar store, buying your content through app stores, or buying from your website.


Each one of these methods of handling a transaction is also a way for you to communicate with your customers. In the modern multi-channel retailing experience, customers expect to be able to subscribe to information streams from the companies they buy from – they’re willing to give up personal information, check in and otherwise receive notifications on all of their electronic devices.

As a retailer, there are lots of opportunities to learn more about what your customers want, what they browse over and don’t buy, and what brings them back to your store. For example, Retail Epos software systems that work for an omni-channel retailing strategy give your customers ways to bookmark items they like in your shop, and get notifications on them when prices change, or when sales items come up. With customers making enough purchases, you can build a substantial customer profile, and your customers social media presence can help you bring their attention to items they want or need.

While multi-channel retailing uses a push model – the classic Amazon links to “Other customers who bought this also liked this…” is an example, omni-channel retailing tracks the customer’s entire purchase history, and when coupled with their payment method at a tablet-based point of sales tool, can flash them an advertisement based on your customer data. They can also be used to print coupons onto the bottom of a customer’s receipt, including QR codes they can scan on their phone and load to their accounts.

Your goal, with any retail endeavor, is to reduce barriers to purchase, and to build shopper loyalty. Making it easier for your customers to tell you want they want, and making sure they notice things they want, are two critical tools for this, and the core of omni-channel retailing.

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