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Project Management on the Go

Effective project management is a must for any business. Considering the potential complexity of tasks and projects within an organization, project management allows businesses to apply tried and tested techniques to achieve their goals. Since every project is unique, project managers must consider the overall goals, cost, execution, risk management, skills and responsibilities of staff and stakeholders when managing their projects — and the right tool is key to a project manager’s success (and sanity).

Another important aspect of any project is communication — especially when the project team is mobile or includes remote workers. Although managing a team and overseeing a project from a distance poses a different kind of challenge, the advent of mobile technology has levelled the playing field.

Mobile project management

With the recent proliferation of mobile apps due to the increased usage of smartphones and tablets, there are now many mobile project management tools and apps available. However, do they provide a suitable alternative to managing projects from desktop computers, or are they just a mobile-optimized version of the desktop tool? Has project management really gone mobile? Perhaps this question will only be truly answered when we find an app that allows project managers to access essential features like checking individual and team progress, collaborating with team members, assigning tasks, and analyzing results, anytime, anywhere.

Mobile-friendly project management tools

Finding the right project management software for your business can be very challenging. Believe me, I’ve been there. However, this challenge is nothing compared to finding a suitable project management tool that is both mobile- and user- friendly. What looks good on one device may not be particularly usable or practical on another. This is why companies like Wrike have made it a priority to developed mobile apps that are tailored to work efficiently on both Android and iOS.

Wrike’s mobile apps come with a wide variety of features to improve personal productivity, project management, and collaboration. The main features include quick task creation, scheduling, editing, and discussions. Other useful features include push notifications to help managers stay on top of key updates, simple file attachments, and an interactive mobile Gantt Chart for Android, The future of the mobile project management tool is very promising, and social software and collaboration companies like Wrike are proudly leading the way.

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