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Positives and Posture: How to have the Best Posture while at Work

Surely, a healthy lifestyle is what people are after. The environment, food, the times, and a lot more factors are driving people to more and more unhealthy lifestyles. The fast pace of the world requires individuals to live by it, or risk lagging behind.

Due to several unhealthy practices, people tend to develop problems regarding their posture. When this situation happens, workers experience a lot of different health issues like back pain, gastroenteritis, migraines, and a lot more ailments. However, most of these problems treatable through proper posturing.

Here are some exercises and specific movements that can be done at work to improve posture. These exercises are very useful and can immediately relieve someone of the pain from being stiff and in the same position for prolonged periods of time.

Sitting down properly

People who work in environments that require prolonged periods while facing a monitor can sometimes feel sore and stiff. Sometimes, these individuals often feel lethargic. These conditions are most likely due to the way a person sit downs a chair.

When people slouch, some parts of the body, including the diaphragm is compressed. This compression makes the body enter lethargy due to the lack of oxygen. Notice that some people who slouch are more sleepy compared to individuals who sit up straight.

Stand up

Stand up and walk around for at least once every hour to encourage the body to realign its posture. Going on bathroom breaks is also encouraged because it enables a person to feel relieved especially when the room is cold and dark.

These two simple movements can enable a person to feel more energetic and productive once they get back to their working space. Even if an office has no beds to offer its employees, standing up can be just as good as lying down.

The Correct Height

Having the proper height while sitting down can make all the difference when adjusting for a better posture. The chair’s height should be horizontal to the desktop, so the forearms don’t have to stretch towards the keyboard.

The height of the monitor should also be in line with the eyes of the individual working. Being in this position lets the person avoid eye and neck strain.


Always take at least a one minute break while working. Even while sitting down, individuals can move and do stretching exercises. These activities enable the regular circulation of blood to the body and can also loosen up a person. Never underestimate these small breaks as they can be effective ways to improve posture while being at work.

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Javier Olivo is an interior designer and a father to three kids. While he may be a freelancer, his family always keeps him busy. Javier designs a variety of furniture inspired by different places that he has visited, while also checking out sites like Focus On Furniture for the latest trends. He likes to spend his free time alone while reading his favorite books.

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