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Fixed Gas Detectors or a Portable One? Know the Benefits!

Imagine waking up with the smell of smoke and flames in your home, or perhaps receiving a call from your office about an unexpected fire?


Safeguarding your family and workplace from toxic gases and smoke is equally as important as protecting them from intruders. While security systems will be your weapon to fight against intruders, a smoke detector or a gas monitoring system should be your first weapon to fight against fire-related issues or harmful smoke.

Harmful gases, in the environment, are present in three ways:

  • Oxygen depletion: Oxygen depletion takes place where there’s high concentration of gases versus pure air. These gases mostly occur where gas storage tanks are placed in closed spaces like the one in the boiler room.
  • Explosive gases: Some gases are explosives; however, to identify them beforehand, a gas detector is a must!
  • Toxic gases: Gas detectors aid in identifying all poisonous gases that are in the atmosphere and ensuring the person’s security by alerting them prior to any mishap.

But which gas detector can be your pick? Portable or fixed!

Portable Gas Detector

Also called a personal gas detector, the portable gas detector can protect people from harmful gases.  They work by continuously monitoring the persons breathing area to alert them instantly if something goes wrong. They are lightweight and handheld devices which may be easily attached to the belt.

Advantages of portable gas detectors:

  • They are pocket-friendly.
  • You can carry them anywhere with you.
  • Most sensors are battery operated.
  • They are perfect for people working in areas with constant gas threats.

Cons of portable gas detectors:

  • Manually operated and doesn’t give any automatic response.
  • Can’t be used without proper training.

Fixed Gas Detector

Gas detectors help in identifying toxic and combustion gases that are present in the air. They are highly advanced; microprocessor-based, and are specifically designed to continuously monitor hazardous situations.

Advantages of fixed gas detectors:

  • 24/7 monitoring: Fixed gas detectors help in providing around the clock monitoring to warn people about their toxic environment in advance.  Therefore, installing fixed gas detectors means minimum onsite safety risk and complete protection.
  • Complete protection: A fixed gas detector will safeguard you and your belongings from poisoning and explosive gases. Since you will get automatic responses, you will have time to protect your life and other essential things.
  • Low maintenance: Unlike the portable gas detector, fixed gas detectors are easy to maintain and are less prone to damages.  They operate automatically thereby minimizing manual operations and maintenance costs.

Cons of fixed gas detectors:

  • Only detects gases that are diffused in its sensor.
  • More costly than the portable gas detector.
  • Need the main power supply to operate swiftly.

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