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How the Popularity of Android & iOS Impacted Online Gaming

The online casino industry is marking its biggest expansion ever. With the development of the internet and mobile phones, online casinos are available to players around the clock. A few years ago this wasn’t the case since all of the casino games required adobe flash player in order to run. Also, many software providers focused more on their download casino version since it was a more stable platform. But when Net Entertainment took over the biggest share of the online casino market all of this changed.

This provider created their games in instant play mode only, and all their casino games were designed using the HTML5 protocol. This means that you don’t need any additional programs to run the casino games. With this breakthrough iOS and MacOS users could now access all the casino games directly through their web browser. Soon after, this became a standard in the online casino industry and most software providers today offer only instant play mode and full mobile support for their casino games.

Once the game design was done, the next step to popularising mobile casinos was creating mobile casino apps. As we mentioned previously, all mobile players can access the casino games directly from their web browser, but using the mobile casino app does have its advantages. Android users can download the mobile casino app by using the Play Store, while iOS users can download their mobile casino apps from Apple’s app store.

The advantage with the mobile casino apps is that they are tailored specially to fit your mobile operating system. For example, if a player accesses a mobile casino from an Android device and then from an iOS device, he may not get the same results. Some features may not fit on the screen, and some options may be missing. But using the Android or iOS mobile casino app will give you access to all the casino features in the best way possible to fit your mobile device.

Also, another great advantage mobile casino apps have is that you don’t have to waste time searching for the online casino address from your browser and then entering your user data to play. All of this is stored at the swipe of a button on your personal mobile casino app.  Visit Casino Pros to find the best mobile casinos who offering mobile casino apps.

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