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Poolside Glam: 5 Styling Tips for Your Next Pool Party

Summer is nearly here. Well, everywhere but the U.K., that is—and that means you’ll be spending endless days by the pool, hanging around lakesides, and soaking up every bit of sunshine.

If you’re invited to pool parties or outdoor events this summer, you need to focus on your style and fashion, even as a man. Put together a cool, casual, stylish look for your next pool hang with the following tips:

Pair a Printed polo with Solid-colored swimming trunks

One of the most exciting looks you can wear this summer is pairing your favorite printed beach shirts with solid-colored swimming trunks. You can take a look at the chic, stylish, and very flattering summer polo shirts in all kinds of prints and patterns, including florals, geometric prints, abstract art, and more.

Prints always look great on men, and you just need to know how to style them, so we recommend pairing printed shirts with solid-colored swimming trunks. Be sure the trunks compliment your print or color scheme, either from the same palette or in contrast to them.

Choose Neutral shorts and Bermudas with Printed beach shirts

Alternatively, you can pair fun shirts for men with neutral shorts. Get your hands on funky printed beach shirts like this with neutral shorts or Bermudas. Tan, khaki-colored pants, black or white pants, and shorts always look great with printed shirts.

It also takes much of the guesswork of pairing the right outfits together and allows you to experiment with different colored and printed shirts with easy pants. When you’re at the pool on a hot day, the last thing you want to stress about is spilling something on your pants, getting wet stains, or getting your clothes dirty while you’re having a good time.

That’s why we recommend sticking to darker neutrals or keeping spare swimming trunks if you plan to be in or near the water. Pair your prints with a neutral look, including a T-shirt and shorts

If you’re bored, tired, or nervous about prints from the get-go, ease into it with some neutral-colored T-shirts and shorts. It’s a basic look and can be pretty boring if you’re not creative or imaginative.

We recommend keeping a printed polo with you for backup and wearing a neutral T-shirt, tank top, or vest underneath. This allows you to change based on how you’re feeling and the party’s overall vibe.

Since it’s a pool party, you might even spend a large chunk of time topless, so use the rest of your time there to look spiffy. You need some cool party polo shirts to complete this look.

Accessories smartly with sunglasses, hats, and footwear

You can’t look or feel like your coolest self without the right sunglasses, hats, and footwear at your next pool party. All of these are must-haves if you want to look suave, sexy, and be the talk of the town.

Pick a classic style of sunglasses that flatters your face cut and shape, pair your fun poolside polo shirt with a hat that’s trending, and get flip-flops or sandals. While there are options for closed poolside footwear, too, you should see how casual or formal the party is before making a decision.

Layer prints with other Wardrobe essentials like Denim shirts

Lastly, a great tip is to try layers for your pool party, especially if it’s cooler out or in the evening. Wear a bright, printed polo and layer it with a denim button-down or light jacket that you can wear over it. This is a convenient way to tone down bolder prints while creating an accent and having additional layering if the weather changes. Practical, fun, and edgy–it’s all you need!

Make every pool party a rager with the right look and outfit. Shop for the highest quality men’s polo shirts and men’s beach T-shirts to spruce up your summer wardrobe and plan the ultimate pool party looks. Twisty Weekend is bringing you some of the most incredible designs and styles, allowing you to choose from multiple prints and styles when it comes to their patented polo shirts. Shop for clothes that speak to you, your taste, and your style the best.

Order online today and enjoy free shipping across the U.K. so you save even more!

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