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PMI SP: Is there any added advantage of doing PMI-SP after earning PMP and PMI-RMP certification for an aspiring project manager in an EPC setup?

PMI – SP stands for the Project Management Institute – Scheduling Professional certification. The certification deals with the professional scheduling of projects for their better management and target achieving within the stipulated time provided. The certified professional gains sharp skills and exceptional knowledge in the field of developing and managing a project’s schedule. He or she understands the value of the roles and responsibilities that need to be contributed towards successful project management and project scheduling. This is an uphill course with a stringent syllabus and quite vast concepts.

Managing body: – The certification and related credible training courses are accredited by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

Requirement: – a secondary degree

At least 5, 000 hours of project scheduling experience

A minimum of 40 hours of formal project scheduling education or a four-year degree

Training and preparation: – There are several sites and centres that provide outstanding training courses on online and offline mode respectively at affordable prices. The PMBOK and PMI SP Training handbook have been deemed the best training and guidance material for the said examination.

Cost of the certification:- The cost of application and the examination can be summed up to approximately around $ 520 USD along with a joining fee of $ 10 only for the member while a non – member has to pay a slightly higher price that amounts to $ 670 USD.

Total number of questions: – 170 questions

Type of questions: – Multiple choices based.

Duration of the examination: – 3.5 hours

Validity of the certificate: the certificate is valid for only three years at the end of which the candidate has to renew the certification or retake the test.

Renewal: – The validity of the PMI – SP certification can be renewed by obtaining at least 30 professional development units (PDUs) every three years.

Why indeed obtain a PMI – SP certification?

  • A better resume: A good resume does not consist of too many words but very few words with high weightage. Certification is one of such achievements.
  • Monetary benefits: – PMI – SP certification has been proven to allow the certified individual to attain a hike of a minimum of $1 million per year over their main working salary. This huge sum of money is no less of a motivation to get certified by the PMI – SP certifications.
  • Project scheduling principles and methodologies apply to any project regardless of its end result or product. Thus, it is a valuable asset to the recruiters of banking, construction, IT, production, and etc organisations. Thus, the acceptability of a candidate becomes bountiful upon the availing of a PMI – SP certification.
  • Better project management: As PMI – SP certification mainly focuses on the concepts of project management it certifies the skills of a candidate in handling the project regarding the arenas of risk management, resource allocation, time management, relationship building, fraternity among employee and team, etc. The certification tutors and chisels the said skills of a candidate for the smooth running of a project he is handled.
  • Better job opportunities: A normal IT employee too can apply for project manager, project head, etc. positions with the aforementioned certification.
  • The PMI – SP training provides for in-depth knowledge and practice of concepts in real-life situations before one enters the real arena. Therefore, a candidate’s knowledge is enriched with the technicalities regarding project management.
  • The overall productivity and efficiency of an individual are enhanced.

The above said benefits are just the surfaced ones of the PMI – SP certifications. The various certifications that include those like the green belt, black belt, etc. have been deemed one of the best types of certification in the IT sector by IT professionals. Thus PMI – SP certification is one of the most preferred types of certification applied for in the modern era where every individual is hungry for a better job and every domain for profit maximization. The applicants with a PMI – SP certification added to their curriculum vitae are readily accepted in interviews. The candidates otherwise are just swept off. The simple yet priceless reasons aforementioned shall wind up any haze in your mind regarding PMI – SP certification.

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