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PLC Programming Paying Out: How Programming Will Get You on the Right Career Path

Technology is increasingly depended upon in today’s society. No one would even argue this point because of how accepted technology has become. We use it for everything from a personal level of communication and scheduling anything in industry and manufacturing. It is a big part of what allows developed countries the standard of living that they’re accustomed to.

The thing with this kind of technology is that it perpetuates itself with new developments leading to more advancements, as well as being used in different ways. This is the reason why this sector has seen exponential growth throughout the past century. We can expect this trend to continue in the coming years, so this is the perfect time for young people to find a lucrative career for themselves in this industry.

What is Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)?

For those who don’t know what PLC is, a quick description would be that it is a large industrial computer and machine that is used for automative purposes. They are found most often in the manufacturing sector because of their efficiency and effectiveness.

The downside of these complex machines is that they are difficult to program in order to do the task that they are made for. The smallest error in the programming can lead to a completely different result than the goal or even in inaction. This is why it is necessary to properly train programmers in this complicated area. PLC programmers and plc technicians are essential for keeping everything running smoothly as well as troubleshooting any issues that arise throughout the machines’ lifespans.

PLC Training

So the big question is why bother learning PLC programming, and even who should consider it? The short answer is that everyone should look into it, especially if you come from a math or science background, even if you already have a degree. It is no secret that jobs have become increasingly competitive throughout the last decade, and even post-secondary degrees like engineering or a Bachelor of Science no longer guarantees a job after graduation,. More and more candidates hold these kinds of degrees and the market has become over saturated with this kind of education. Many have turned to costly Master’s degrees in order to put them ahead of the batch.

Unfortunately, postgraduate degrees do not guarantee a position either though. Many of them are also theory-based and offer little hands-on experience. Those that do offer practical skills also tend to be more expensive. Due to this, more people are turning to PLC training programs. Luckily a number of colleges and other institutions have recognized a growing demand for these skills and have begun to offer PLC programming certifications in response. It is best to have as diverse a knowledge base as possible on these matters and learn as much as possible including areas like Wincc and monitoring systems, Profibus, and Ethernet. The more practical experience you have the more you’ll stand out compared to others with the same college degrees.

Hiring managers favor all of these qualifications and experiences, giving any candidate an edge in the job market because it means little to no training will be necessary. For better or for worse, that is a huge bonus in the eyes of most employers. the more courses you have in PLC programming, the better of a candidate you will be. There are even some online courses available to get you started, and can be completed from the comfort of home. In addition, completing your PLC training before having a job shows initiative on your part.

So Why Now?

Now is the perfect time to enter the booming field of PLC. Applications of this technology is becoming more widespread every year. Getting started on your PLC will put you ahead of the curve as it’s only a matter of time before the field becomes more saturated. So why not take the first step and sign up for an online PLC course today? It could be the most important move in your career.

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