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Plastic Wood Composite Decks For Daily Use

The recent years have witnessed impressive innovations in decking materials. While restricted with the pavilion of wood exclusively, the latest innovation has opened space for using various other materials. Companies are now producing capped plastic wood composite decks in massive varieties of colours, thicknesses, and multiple grain patterns. Currently, decking has found an alternative option with the usage of Poly Vinyl materials. It is the most popular material in today’s world.

Despite having identical look, both the wood and plastic materials are identified with their unique qualities and benefits. Read on to know more about this material.

PVC decks are made from completely recycled plastic materials. The composite decking, on the other hand, is made from a blend of plastic sheets and wood fibres. There is a similarity which is obtained in the form of a cap. This cap is used as an extra or added layer. This helps in protecting the decking. Ample protection helps in making these more durable and sustainable. These desks do not require annual sanding, staining, or sealing. No other decking material is able to produce such a wide array of colours and beautiful wood grains.


Composite Decking

As informed earlier, plastic wood composite decks are made with plastic sheets having a line of wood fibre in between. With the advancement of technologies, the theme of composite decking has also undergone radical changes. So, with the advent of production technology, the colour on the surface of these boards now runs all the way in place of staying just on the surface coating.

It implies that plastic wood composite decking is highly capable to stand wear and tear as no scratch, ding, or dent is revealed.

The composite decks have an added feature in the form of protective non-wood and polymer cap. This cap form provides resistances to the enhanced scratch, stain, and fade. These caps offer resistance against mold and insects too.

These plastic wood composite decks are entirely distinguished from other decking materials in a way. These decks are able to imitate the look and feel of real wood. These composite materials have the warmth and character of tropical hardwoods but are contrasted with their superior performance.

Unique Feature in Respect to PVC Decking

  • Aesthetics: The plastic wood composite decks are recognized for their top-echoed woody appearances. The PVC decking, on the other hand, shows an enhanced wood look due to the all-plastic construction.
  • Sustainability: Usually both of the decks have shown similar performance in this regard.
  • Resisting mold and mildews: The capped PVC has shown more positivity in restricting the spread of mold, mildew and other allergens. Therefore, these things are more adored in the country
  • Blocking the stain: Stains are mainly caused due to excessive use or wear and tear in the devices. These stains can cause heavy damage to the devices. Both the PVC and capped decks have shown at par performance in this area.
  • Colourfastness: The PVC, as well as the plastic wood composite decks, have similar performance in this regard.
  • Programming about Splinters: Both the PVC as well as the plastic wood composite decks have shown their permissibility towards Splinters.
  • Dissipating heat: The PVC decks have shown comparative advantageous position in this regard. The presence of enhanced UV protection has worked in this genre.

The capped plastic wood composite desks normally enjoy high range warranty whose minimum period is 25 years. The warranty is provided by the manufacturer against material defects, termite, and damages against rot. The other products are meant to perform under a similar range of operation enjoy much lower warranty. Both the products under consideration enjoy 30-year limited fade and stain warranty.

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