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Pinterest Clone Software Reviews: Grab the Best Script Today!

The best way to promote any business is by connecting with a huge volume of people. However, it isn’t the easiest of jobs. Well, today, we are provided with some interesting state-of-the-art techniques and tools which assist us in tapping a massive customer base with ease. One such fascinating tool with a fast learning curve is Pinterest. Day-by-day the development of this social tool is surmounting and its adorable features have already created impacts on numerous online visitors. With said that, what could help your business grow better rather than setting up a Pinterest-like website? Of course, it is the best strategy to improve business standards today with less effort. How do you develop such a website and what are the essentials required for this? Well, all you need is simple Pinterest clone script software. I know it’s highly difficult to mine the web as it presents you with the list of tons of search results related to Pinterest clone script. In order to make your web mining simpler and search process easier, I’ve compiled the ultimate list of best clones available in the market. Read the list and pick the best of your choice for business betterment.


Apptha Pinterest Clone

Apptha’s Social Pinboard is popular Pinterest software with adorable features. It is one of the top-selling script with extraordinary downloads over the past few months. Some of its features like user-friendly designing, social login facility, mobile compatibility are noteworthy and have the ability to make any website perform splendidly online. The cost of the script is found to be $299. The only setback associated with this script is denied admin access during demo and limited session time.


Pintastic Pinterest Clone

Pintastic is amazing Pinterest software preferred by many. Some of its credible features include YouTube crawler, exceptional security, outstanding performance, etc. It is a worthy buy barring the sucking backend operations. The frontend features are always commanding. Cost of this script is found to be $599. If you are keen over a stunning display of your website, this clone script is the best option.


Ppinmescript Pinterest Clone

Pinmescript is another enticing script for developing websites. The latest version 1.8 released has improve its stability and performance as well. Its mind-blowing features include product management, videos, multiple language system, etc. The cost of this product is found to be $499. But, only setback associated with this product is the unlimited options it carries. In fact, it is these unlimited options that drag down the system performance which could test your online reputation.



Albeit most of its features being very similar to Pinmescript, Pinterestclone is an enterprising script with solid features. Some impressive features of this software include filtered search, page manager, pinning favorites, etc. Cost of this product is $499. However, this interesting script hits the market with no mobile compatibility option. Given the current trend it could be a blow to your business.


Curabl Pinterest Clone

Pin2press Pro clone is a terrific script having the ability to offer an exceptional frontend visibility. A few enticing features that have made this software a runaway hit in the market are options to numerous pinboards, social login facility, request invitation, etc. Cost of this product is found to be $225. However, the flip side is found to be set up and installation. It may require a pro effort. You’ve to pay additionally for the set up and installation of this script as well, which mayn’t be preferred by many.


I believe everyone who read this article have developed a great deal of idea about different Pinterest clones available in the market and how to pick the best one. If you’ve observed the article thoroughly, you’d find out the best script that suits your business needs and budget effectively. So, kick start your business today with the help of the perfect Pinterest clone software for business betterment.

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This article is contributed by Krish Kash, content expert providing technology solutions on Joomla video extension. His other areas of interest include SEO, SMO. Follow him via Twitter, Google+ for above-mentioned technology-related issues and solutions.

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